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If you live in Oregon’s capital city of Salem, you are within easy reach of many of this state’s ocean beaches and the Cascade Mountains. The community boasts over 2,300 acres of parkland and is considered an ideal place to live and work. Oregon is lucky enough to have the mountains, ocean, and forest in its backyard – who wouldn’t want to live here?

If you are a homeowner in Salem, odds are your house has a crawl space! Crawl Pros offers a variety of professional crawl space services in the Salem, Oregon area to service and protect your crawl space from weathering and other factors that may cause damage.

Crawl Space Services in Salem, Oregon

If your Salem property has a crawl space, the best practice to keep your home safe, clean, and far from damage is to get it inspected frequently. Here at Crawl Pros, we advise that you hire a professional to inspect your crawl space to prevent any damage that could be on the rise.

Crawl Space Cleanouts

Crawl Pros offers crawl space clean-out services to remove debris, wood, and other unwanted materials that attract critters to enter your home. They also offer services to prevent potential reinfestation of pests, critters, and more.

Crawl Space Water Remediation

Water such as rainfall, stream runoff, and moisture can be a significant threat to crawl spaces throughout the Pacific Northwest. Pros will inspect, and prevent future water intrusion in your crawl space.

Crawl Space Mold Remediation

Mold can be a serious issue in any home that must be addressed promptly. Crawl Pros provides crawl space mold remediation services which include mold clean-up and creating a plan to protect your home from future mold.

Crawl Space Insulation Installation

Save money on heating and cooling when you invest in insulation. Crawl Pros offers high-quality crawl space insulation services including insulation removal and re-installation.

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Crawl Pros technicians are experts on what goes on in your home, going above and beyond to deliver the highest-quality service in the industry. Crawl Pros uses low-toxic, environmentally friendly options, and offers affordable pricing. 

There is no risk when you hire Crawl Pros because we offer a Perfect Guarantee with our services. Contact Crawl Pros today for a free estimate or to schedule services now.

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Utility Rebates

Crawl Pros is proud to be a certified member of several Northwest utility programs offering insulation rebates and savings.

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