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Attic Cleaning is an Essential Home Care Activity

Attic cleaning is one of those essential activities that homeowners don’t think about until something goes wrong.

In contrast to other visible spaces of your home, an attic is forgotten for anything other than storage. Nonetheless, an attic requires the same attention and care you give to the rest of your home.

Homeowners are unaware of the problems that can occur in attics that can lead to severe damage and hazardous health conditions if left untreated.

An example of this danger is when raccoons, mice, rats and bats have nested in your attic.  This leads to contamination of your home insulation with feces, and urine. Without attention these contaminants and fumes could spread all over your home and you and your loved ones could be in danger.

Removal, Repair and Decontamination

At Crawl Pros our expertly trained attic cleaning crew can resolve even the toughest conditions. Here are just a few of the primary attic repair services we can perform at your home or business.

  • Remove all debris, rotted wood and small rodent carcasses
  • Clean structural beams damaged by water and severe moisture conditions
  • Remove and replace leaking vapor barrier
  • Remove mold and mildew
  • Seal air penetration points and holes
  • Insulation removal
  • Install new attic insulation
  • Conduct vapor barrier insulation
  • Air duct sealing
  • Fog area with odor neutralizer to reduce potential for re-infestation
  • If needed, repair or replace air ducting and perform duct sealing and insulation activities

Help Minimize Mold and Mildew

The terms that are dreaded most by homeowners are “mold and mildew,” particularly when linked to their home’s environment.

If you can’t distinguish between the two, then remember that the black and green colored fungi is mold, while the one having a white or gray color is mildew. Research illustrates that mold occurrence is found to be 20 percent in certain U.S. areas, while the figures climb up to almost 60 percent in other areas.

These unpleasant agents target dirty attics, especially the ones with any hint of moisture. Therefore, keep checking your attic regularly in order maintain its neatness. If you find any sign of mold and mildew, contact Crawl Pros for cleaning and mold removal.

Dust is a Major Problem in Attics

Does anyone in your home struggle with a dust allergy?

Individuals with medical ailments like allergic rhinitis can trigger their symptoms with the presence of dust mites. Studies suggest that more than 19 million Americans can’t tolerate dust mites.

A Clean Attic Opens Up More Storage Space

Are you struggling to find a convenient place for storage?

Many love to use their attics for storing valuables. Whether it is a plumbing toolbox or a box with childhood memorabilia, a clean attic can eliminate any need for additional storage space.

When a crawl space suffers from degradation and, consequently, attracts pests, these little invaders can also go on to inflict critical damages to your personal items.

Tasks like removing old insulation, cleaning up debris and rotting materials and clearing rodent droppings are critical to a clean attic.

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