In the Marysville area, mice, rats, and other rodents can enter your crawl space looking for habitation and food. As these unwanted critters seek out warm places to hide and build a nest, they also cause considerable damage and contamination to your home’s systems and structure.

It’s not uncommon in this area for rodents to burrow underground to gain entry to a home. This can cause considerable damage to your home’s foundation over time, even leading to the sinking of concrete pier pads.

Rodent trapping and exclusion in your crawl space can be a challenge, but Crawl Pros has a proven system to rid your home of unwanted pests.

Thorough Rodent Crawl Space Inspection

Our knowledgeable and experienced rodent exterminators will thoroughly and carefully inspect your crawl space to identify any rodent infestation. We will also pinpoint all current and potential entry points. You’ll get a detailed assessment of our findings and recommendations, including photo documentation.

Rodent Exclusion Repairs

It would be a waste of time and resources to remove the critters from your crawl space without sealing up the entry points first. They’d only come right back!

Our fully trained technician will make exclusion repairs throughout your crawl space, which involves sealing every current and potential entry point for rodents.

Rodent Trapping and Removal in Marysville

We offer several options for eliminating rodents. Our unique trapping methods eliminate the rodents in your crawl space as humanely as possible. Our traps can also be left in place in areas where exclusion isn’t 100% possible, and we can provide ongoing services.

Crawl Space Sanitation and Clean Up (we do this before the trapping so that we have access to seal everything up)

One of the things that rodents do is look for a home. If they’ve chosen your crawl space, it’s time to show them the door and protect your area from future incursions. Contact Crawl Pros in Marysville today for a free estimate.