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Crawl Pros are the greater Seattle, Portland and Spokane area crawl space cleaning and insulation experts. Coming soon to Boise and Denver!

At Crawl Pros, our technicians are experts in crawl space cleaning, insulation, removal and cleanup.  We also provide air sealing, insulation installation, home energy assessments, water remediation, rodent exclusion and mold removal all in addition to using advanced technology to achieve your energy goals.
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   Our Services

crawl space

Crawl Space
A comfortable and energy-efficient home starts with a clean and insulated crawl space.


water mediation

Water Remediation
A wet crawl space can lead to structural damage and become a breeding ground for mold, mildew and insects.



Upgrading your attic insulation quickly pays for itself.  Adequate insulation helps save you money and energy.


rodent trapping

Rodent Exclusion & Trapping
We offer an exclusive humane rodent trapping elimination service that helps avoid re-infestation.


mold remediation

Mold Remediation
High concentrations of mold spores can lead to health hazards ranging from mild irritations to life threatening infections.


real estate transaction

Real Estate Transaction
Make your next real estate transaction stress free using our no-cost inspection of your seller's crawl space and attic.


Crawl Pros is a Passionate Crawl Space Cleaning and Insulation Services Provider

Crawl Pros has been providing quality attic and crawl space cleaning and insulation services to satisfied customers throughout the Seattle, Puget Sound and Portland areas since 2013.  We have expanded into the Spokane area as well.

At Crawl Pros, our technicians are experts in insulation removal and cleanup, air sealing, insulation installation and home energy assessments, all in addition to using advanced technology to achieve your energy goals.

Our customers love that we continuously exceed their expectations for crawl space cleaning and insulation.  For example, Michael H. from Seattle recently said: “From the very first interaction with a Crawl Pros estimator, to the actual job, this was smooth, polished and professional. I would use them again, or recommend them in a heart beat.”

Crawl Pros takes pride in our dependability and commitment to quality. Our company is dedicated to educating our customers and providing our crawl space cleaning and insulation services using environmentally friendly products with special financing and rebates.  At Crawl Pros we guarantee “quality without compromise.”

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