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We’ve moved from our location in Puyallup to a new location in Tacoma, just a few miles away. Still based locally, Crawl Pros is your reliable crawl space company offering a variety of crawl space services. Moisture is the enemy of crawl space health as it can lead to mold, structural damage, and pests; as residents of the wet Pacific Northwest, Puyallup homeowners face an array of challenges when it comes to maintaining their crawl spaces. 

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Situated at the foot of the beautiful Mount Rainier, the City of Puyallup offers residents easy access to Tacoma, Seattle, and the abundance of nature found in the Puget Sound area. The Puget Sound paired with the forestry surrounding Puyallup makes for a moist climate year-round.

Crawl spaces are a great addition to any home as they protect your home from structural damage in the future. Crawl spaces live at the base of your home and act as a buffer between your house and the moisture from the ground. Crawl spaces are also a great place for house ducts, cables, wiring, and pipes to hide.


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Crawl spaces are one area of your house that is easily affected by the rain and moisture in the Seattle area and may require seasonal maintenance to ensure your crawl space stays dry, clean, and pest-free.

Common crawl space issues include water accumulation, moisture conditions, mold, mildew, rotting wood, critter nests, and other insect infestations. All conditions that you certainly don’t want affecting your crawl space!

Crawl Pros, your local crawl space and attic experts, will go where you don’t want to and assess the health of your home to decide the best way to prevent your home from crawl space damage.

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At Crawl Pros, our technicians are experts in crawl space cleanup, air sealing, insulation installation, removal, and more. We rigorously train our technicians on the most effective installation techniques with a variety of different products and solutions. We aim to be considerate of our customer’s wants and needs to protect your home’s integrity.

Your investment in Crawl Pros is an investment in your home. To learn more, Contact Crawl Pros today for a free estimate.

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Crawl Pros is proud to be a certified member of several Northwest utility programs offering insulation rebates and savings.

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