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Tips & Advice from Crawl Pros

Crawl Space Insulation Installation Redmond

While you might not give a lot of thought to what’s going on below your home, crawl space insulation is important. Whether your Redmond home has never had adequate crawl space insulation or you find that what is there has been damaged by mold, water, or critters, it’s...

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Crawl Space Mold Removal Redmond

If your home in Redmond has a crawl space, you should inspect the area for mold. Having mold under your home might be a disturbing thought, but most homeowners aren’t aware of the true dangers. Even just a little mold in your crawl space can pose a health risk to the...

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Crawl Space Cleanout Redmond

Your Redmond home’s crawl space is generally part of its foundation, so caring for it helps maintain your house’s structural integrity. Most people have never been underneath their homes and aren’t aware of what could go wrong down there.  But, critters and other...

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Crawl Space Water Remediation Woodinville

Homeowners in Woodinville often don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the crawl spaces located under their homes. Why would they? But, that area just under your living space can fill with water.  And a flooded crawl space or one with standing water is the last...

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