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Richard Herron

Richard Herron

Most successful businessmen wouldn’t dream of trading in their suits and ties for a pair of coveralls to crawl under other people’s homes. Fortunately for the customers of Pacific Northwest’s fastest-growing home insulation retrofit company, Richard’s a little different than most. You see, transforming wet, drafty, poorly insulated homes from top to bottom is Richard’s passion. He left a successful management and real estate career to get down and dirty in a business few want to do. What drives him and his company is a determination to do it better. That’s why Crawl Pros places a special emphasis on top quality work, exceptional customer service, and hiring full-time, professional crews (never subcontractors) who receive good wages and full benefits. So don’t be surprised if you see Richard show up and check in on his Estimator or put on a pair of coveralls to visit the crew’s that are working on your project – it’s just another day at the office for the owner of Crawl Pros.


Nadin Sanchez

It can be a dirty job, but Nadin loves to do it. As our Installer Manager,  Nadin isn’t afraid of hard work or tight spaces. Nadin says he loves the people he works with and that makes every job a whole lot more enjoyable. It’s great to be with a company that recognizes his personal accomplishments and respects everyone, Nadin says. This man loves his sports, especially boxing. Nadin is a terrific guy and we love having him in our corner.

Kevin Swaney

Kevin Swaney

We’re off to a good start every day here at Crawl Pros thanks to Kevin. He’s our Florida transplant in charge of keeping our fleet of service vehicles revved up and ready to go. And Kevin doesn’t just know a thing or two about engines – he holds over 125 certifications from Cummins Power South in Ft. Myers! Kevin loves the outdoors, camping, and – big surprise – 4-wheeling.

Angela H.

Angela H.

Angela has been a part of Crawl Pros since the beginning. It has been an adventure to stay the least to support her husband, Richard Herron see his dream grow and develop. Angela’s primary job is to oversee accounting. As Eco’s favorite staff member, she enjoys having a buddy in her office who keeps her company and offers his opinion readily, “squawk.” She is grateful for all of the dedicated staff that makes Crawl Pros the company that it is. Angela enjoys cooking, biking and traveling with her family.



Meet one of our most colorful employees who’s never shy about making his voice heard around the office. Eco is a Parrot who has free reign of the office during the day, and takes full advantage of it. A company meeting? Not without Eco – he’ll squawk until he gets a prime spot at the conference room table. A group lunch? Save a seat for Eco – his favorite foods include chips, cheese, pasta, bread and fruit. When Eco isn’t busy strolling from desk to desk and keeping a bird’s-eye view on his flock, he enjoys a refreshing bath – in his water bowl.

Ken Brown

If there’s one thing all our professional estimators have in common, it’s their ability to solve our customers’ problems and save them money too. Ken is one of the best – he loves meeting new people and a good challenge. When he finishes inspecting your crawl space or attic, you’re going to have answers. The right answers. He’ll show you exactly what’s wrong and what it’s going to take to fix it – usually for less than you might be expecting. Ken’s a real joy to work with and loves his job. If he’s on your project, a little advice: don’t challenge him to a game of Trivial Pursuit…he will win!

Joseph Geyer

It’s a good thing Joseph is an out-going kind of guy, because he spends his days going out to meet people with all kinds crawl, attic or wall space problems. It’s a job he says he never gets tired of, and loves the challenge of finding the most efficient and cost effective way to fix each unique problem. And the best part for Joseph? He says it’s those customers who say they are ecstatic with our company’s work when he comes back out for a post inspection. We’re just as thrilled to have Joseph on our team. When he’s not out on the job, you’ll likely find Joseph out on a boat or a snowboard.

Michael Bacich

Michael loves a good challenge. As an Estimator for Crawl Pros, Michael gets plenty of those every single day. Michael is happiest when he’s exploring tight spaces in our customers’ homes and loves figuring out the most economical solutions to improve their living environments. When he’s not squeezing through a crawl space, Michael enjoys getting out and hiking, playing video games, relaxing with his wife, and cheering on his favorite UFC and MMA fighters.

Topher Johnson

We love our crews. They’re great guys – always professional – but honestly, they’re a lot of fun to work with too. Topher is the perfect example. He’s the kind of guy who loves to fix things – and the dirtier he gets doing it, the better. That means when Topher is inspecting your home, you can bet he’s checked out every nook and cranny. He’ll show you the pictures and explain where there’s a problem. And of course, he knows what it takes to get the job done and save you some money in the process. When Topher’s not fixing things, he enjoys camping, hiking and spending time with his family.

Jose Arredondo

Jose A, is actually an easy-going kind of guy. But on the job, he’s the no-nonsense man in charge of the project.  He’s proved it by working his way up at Crawl Pros from Lead Installer to Estimator.  Jose is an expert in attic and crawl insulation removal, insulation installation, duct repair including sealing and replacement, rodent exclusion, crawl space drainage systems including sump pump, as well as vapor barrier removal and installations. Jose’s experience and professionalism as Lead Installer will benefit us at Crawl Pros as an Estimator, but more importantly will benefit our customers through his expertise and deep knowledge of crawl space and attic work.

Jose De La Cruz

Jose D’s greatest reward on the job as one of our Lead Installers, is the smile and a handshake he gets from our customers for a job well done. His duties include attic and crawl insulation removal, insulation installation, duct repair including sealing and replacement, rodent exclusion, crawl space drainage and sump pumps design, as well as vapor barrier removal and installations.  He loves knowing his crew is delivering the highest quality service that gives our customers results that last. When not scoring major points with our customers, Jose enjoys watching football.

Ignacio Sanchez

Ignacio is one of our top guys in charge of our retro-fit insulation services. That includes attic and crawl insulation removal, insulation installation, duct repair including sealing and replacement. He’s also an expert at rodent exclusion, crawl space drainage systems and sump pumps engineering, as well as vapor barrier removal and install. Ignacio really knows his stuff, and that means our customers get the job done right the first time, every single time. Ignacio wouldn’t have it any other way.

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