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Whether you live in a home in Boise, Idaho, or anywhere else in the US, the benefits of a properly functioning crawl space offer convenience and comfort.

Your crawl space provides the ideal space to install your piping, sewer/water distribution, and HVAC unit. When your crawl space is properly protected from weather and other possible threatening conditions, these appliances will be safe from damage and can be easily accessed for repair or replacement in the future.

While crawl spaces can bring many benefits to homeowners – especially in Boise, Idaho – they can also be a hassle if not properly protected. If moisture enters the crawl space, mold growth and infrastructure damage are likely to occur. While these areas can add to your quality of life, there’s an equal chance of them being an ongoing hindrance.

How do you get the most out of your crawl space while eliminating the potential for disaster? The answer is crawl space water removal and water remediation services from a professional crawl space company like Crawl Pros. 

What Is Crawl Space Water Remediation?

Here at Crawl Pros, we offer a variety of services to ensure that crawl space’s are protected from water. We refer to the process as water remediation which includes crawl space water removal and methods that are as close to waterproofing as you can get. This process also may include sump pump installation to manage excess water.

You may be wondering – how much water leakage is a sign to call a professional for crawl space water remediation? Does a small amount of water in my crawl space hurt?

Around 40% of the air in your household rises from crawl spaces. If your crawl space is filled with moisture, you are risking the growth of mold which could rise into the air of your home. If you have water damage in your crawl space, you may be risking your house’s air quality and health. 

What Is Crawl Space Waterproofing?

Crawl space waterproofing is part of the remediation process. It is also known as encapsulation (or partial encapsulation.) The crawl space water remediation system ensures your crawl space is sealed and watertight – preventing water from leaking inside due to pipes bursting and preventing outdoor moisture from entering the area. 

Additionally, the entire floor will be treated to help it neutralize ground moisture, ensuring your home remains dry and mold-free.

Why Is Crawl Space Waterproofing And Water Removal So Important?

As we’ve already established, excess water in your crawl space can quickly affect the air that rises into living areas of homes and businesses rising the risk of health issues due to mold growth.

There is also potential for structural damage to your home’s infrastructure including the walls and floors at the base of the house. Just a few inches of water can cause enough issues leading to thousands of dollars spent on repairs.

Another risk crawl spaces face if not properly cared for is pests and other unwanted creatures finding the dark and spacious ground-level space as a moist and warm space to inhabit.

For a risk as great as that – Crawl Pros highly suggests contacting a professional Crawl Space company who are staffed with experts on crawl space waterproofing and crawl space removal services.

The best way to protect your home from water damage is prevention. Whether you require water removal services or not, Crawl Space offers crawl space waterproofing services to ensure your home is prepared for any weather to come. 

When you contact professionals like Crawl Pros, we’ll examine and equip your crawl space with the best solution for your space.

We offer a Perfect Guarantee to all of our customers to ensure all work outlined in your free estimate will be completed at our high-quality standards.

Anything less than perfect isn’t acceptable to us. We back that claim up with a lifetime warranty that dictates all agreed-upon work will be completed skillfully, aligning with and often exceeding industry standards.

What’s Involved In Crawl Space Water Removal?

The standing water removal process in your crawl space typically involves the following tools:

  • Wet/dry shop vac
  • Pump
  • Dehumidifier
  • Powerful fans

Tools used can vary depending on the company you hire and the area your house stands.

What Can You Expect During The Crawl Space Waterproofing Process?

Sump pump installation is often an integral step in the crawl space remediation process. At Crawl Pros, it typically starts with trenching around the crawl space’s perimeter. Then, a corrugated drain pipe is installed in the trenched areas, and installers will use lava rock to fill the trench to ensure dirt can’t clog the sump pump. 

Crawl space sump pump

These drain pipes are strategically placed to direct excess water into a 15-gallon basin. You’ll find the basin at the crawl space’s lowest point.

The pump will be installed and routed to the exterior gutter system when the pit and drain are built. This process helps with efficient water removal.

A purge valve gets installed to ensure water doesn’t flow back into the crawl space. A secondary 12-Volt pump is then installed and connected to a battery. This is done to provide a backup if there’s a power outage in your home.

If you want to learn more about what goes into crawl space waterproofing, crawl space removal, and crawl space encapsulation at Crawl Pros, watch this video.

Factors That Impact The Crawl Space Waterproofing Cost

There’s no one-size-fits-all crawl space waterproofing cost. Factors–besides a sump pump installation–can impact your initial estimate. Crawl Pros will inspect your home, crawl space, and the type of land of your property to offer a comprehensive free estimate that is unique to your crawl space water remediation needs.

How Big Is Your Crawl Space?

The size of your home and crawl space will dictate how much crawl space waterproofing and additional services may cost.

How Many And What Types Of Repairs Are Needed?

Repairs have a broad pricing spectrum, depending on the quantity required and what they consist of. Every repair may require different tools, and materials and vary in the time it may take for expert technicians to complete.

Vapor Barrier Protection And Crawl Space Insulation

Another waterproofing measure that must be taken to protect your crawl space is installing vapor barriers.

Once a vapor barrier is installed, the resulting insulation prevents the soil from causing humidity and allergens to enter and damage your home.

Since this work tends to be tailored to your home’s needs, the installation price will vary. You might even find your home doesn’t require this level of protection. But going the extra mile is often necessary for higher humidity areas like Boise.

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Are you looking for a Boise crawl space company for your crawl space water removal and remediation? If so, you deserve nothing less than quality workmanship–which we guarantee at Crawl Pros.

Our team is dedicated and in tune with your crawl space waterproofing needs. We’re committed to delivering results that save you money and headaches in the long term. Moreover, we’re committed to ensuring you live comfortably and enjoy an exceptional quality of life in a home free of standing water and mold.

We’re confident that Crawl Pros is the top Boise crawl space company for your crawl space waterproofing and crawl space water removal needs. Nobody else has our skill level and commitment to a job done right.

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