Crawl Pros recently donated materials to support the Weatherization Association of Washington (WAW) Community Service Day.

The event was held in Lynwood, Washington and benefited a low income/elderly woman’s home.  Several companies participated, some donating time and others donated materials.

Weatherization Association of Washington Community Day

Weatherization Association of Washington is a non-profit association of energy consultants, contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers working to advance members businesses and provide greater value for their customers.

The Association’s President, Richard Herron, owner of Crawl Pros said, “Our association is grateful to be able to give back to the community.  This event in Lynwood is a fantastic example of insulation companies in the Northwest coming together to help those in need.”

Work completed at the event included removal of old insulation, much of which was contaminated by rodent feces.  New insulation, donated by WAW members, was installed to replace the contaminated material.

Membership in WAW provides an excellent opportunity to develop in both professional and personal relationships. We encourage the sharing of knowledge and exchange of ideas. It is an organization that is recognized by our utilities at all levels. We provide structured and informative quarterly meetings which encourage networking for work, employment, and educational opportunities.

The network of professional support and training available through the WAW is incredibly valuable. Your membership to the WAW is a valuable resource for answers in this constantly evolving industry.  Some of our current members include the following companies:

If you are interested in learning more about the WAW visit their website at