Many Seattle homeowners are unaware of the importance of regular crawl space maintenance, particularly when it comes to keeping your crawl space free of debris and contamination.

Crawl Space cleanout services are highly recommended to all homeowners. New homeowners should look into crawl space cleanout services after purchasing their home to ensure that their crawl space is free from filth, debris, moisture, and pests.

Long-time homeowners should prioritize frequent crawl space cleanouts and inspections. Maintaining a clean crawl space provides a variety of benefits to a home and contributes to the longevity of the house.

  • Prevents growth of mold, mildew, and other bacteria
  • Protect the air quality in the house
  • Prevents pests from infesting the house
  • Ensure the crawl space is properly equipped

An untouched crawl space brings risk to the table. It is possible that your crawl space can allow dangerous germs and toxins into your home, and the area could contribute to diminished air efficiency flowing into the living space.

Crawl Space cleanout services allow homeowners to have peace of mind for years to come. For homeowners looking to sell their house in the future, crawl space cleanouts are a great way to prepare your home for buyers seeking a reliable and well-cared-for home.

Do you know the last time your crawl space received a cleanout or an inspection? Don’t wait until your crawl space has a funky smell or you suspect your home’s air quality is poor.
Here is what you need to know about your Seattle crawl space and crawl space cleanout so that you can get the job done right.

Does my Seattle Home have A Crawl Space?


Not all homes have crawl spaces. If your Seattle home doesn’t have a solid cement foundation or a basement, it probably has a crawl space. This is the area between the ground and the underside of your home’s floor. Underneath, you’ll see electrical components, plumbing, gas hookups, and ventilation.

As long as a crawl space is well-maintained, it can help with your home’s air circulation. However, a poorly maintained crawl space can lead to problems with mold and fungus, pests, standing water, the structure, and poor energy efficiency. Interested in learning more about the best way to insulate a crawl space for energy efficiency? Read here.

What’s Included In A Seattle Crawl Space Cleanout?


If you live in the Seattle area, crawl space cleanout is a tough and dirty job. True to its name, someone has to “crawl” under the home to do the work. In addition to maneuvering in place and wearing the right protective gear, some of the things involved in Crawl Pros crawl space cleanout services include:

  • Thorough crawl space inspection
  • Pest removal and exclusion efforts
  • Deodorize and disinfect
  • Remove mold and mildew
  • Seal any holes or gaps that allow critters in or air to leak into the home
  • Seal air ducts to prevent heat loss
  • Replace damaged insulation
  • Apply a new vapor barrier

Crawl space cleanout is generally a complex project, which is why many homeowners turn to a crawl space cleaning service provider like Crawl Pros for help.

Things to Avoid With Your Crawl Space Cleanout


There are many different ways to approach a crawl space cleanout. Many of these ways change based on the type of home and where the home is located. For example, it’s best to avoid spray foam in crawl spaces and instead opt for fiberglass insulation as it is more suitable for moist environments. The process of applying spray foam insulation is extremely toxic. The product needs a period of time to cure so that the toxins or no longer entering the home.

Solutions such as vents, vapor barriers, and draining systems in your crawl space can be
useful. However, they should be installed by trained professionals who know how to best apply these solutions.

Many DIY solutions do not provide long-lasting results. Crawl Space cleanouts can be extensive and the solution needed for a crawl space may be unique. It is best to leave crawl space cleanouts to the professionals.

Crawl Space Cleanout Seattle


Crawl spaces are tricky, and are extremely important in the Pacific Northwest environment. Crawl space cleanout services are best left to the professionals.

Crawl Pros has served customers across the Greater Seattle area since 2013. We have served all types of houses stretching from Tacoma all of the way to Bellingham. If you live in the Marysville area where there are often large fields that collect and hold in moisture, you may find that crawl space cleanouts and regularly scheduled inspections are beneficial to your home’s health. Crawl Pros also serves the Greater Portland area.

If you need a crawl space cleanout in Seattle, we’ll be happy to give you a free consultation. Contact us today for more information about our services and get a free crawl space cleaning estimate.