Having trees in a yard can be a great way to add to the appeal of any home or building, and can at the same time, add value to your property.  Although trees are an attractive addition to your home or business they can pose a significant threat to your property.  In the beautiful Northwest we are blessed to have many beautiful trees.  But with trees comes roots that can extend into a crawl space can be very critical.

Tree roots impact on crawl spaces

Two Main Types of Tree Roots Pose Danger to Your Crawl Space Foundation

1. Structural Roots

These roots anchor the tree and keep it from falling over.  The structural roots begin at the base of the tree called the root flare.  They grow mostly horizontally in the soil and taper in diameter as they move away from the tree.  The cumulative mass of the root system keeps the tree upright, not just the tap root.   If a large tree is with 8′ to 16′ from your foundation you could be asking for trouble.  Large roots can destabilize and if not treated, completely destroy a foundation.

2. Feeder Roots

These roots are the small fibrous roots that absorb water and minerals.  These are the roots that crawl into your crawl space and too can cause major damage to a crawl spaces, plumbing, electrical and vapor barrier applications.

At Crawl Pros we specialize in mitigating tree root damage and provide expert clean up, insulation and vapor barrier services for your home or business.

Tree Roots can Create Entry Points for Water, Pests and Rodents

Tree roots can entwine themselves between foundation, most especially between stones of an older rubble foundation that consists of outdated mortar and local stone. As these roots grow and shift, they can create leakage points that allow pests and water to gain access to the crawl space beneath your house. The water and moisture encourage mold growth and consequently, the wood, walls, and the insulation in your crawl space can start to disintegrate and weaken, threatening your home’s integrity. Rodents can also gain access to your crawl space through cracks and holes.

The Effect of Tree Roots on Crawl Spaces Can Also be Seen on Our Health

A large percentage of the air in your home comes from the crawl space. Thus, as mold continues to grow in your wet crawl space, it releases spores into the air which can travel through the roof of your crawl space into your home. This can poses a great risk to your health.  To prevent any of the above-mentioned ill events from occurring, make sure you check your crawl space at regular intervals.

If, however, you have noticed any tree root damage to your foundation or crawl space, do not hesitate to contact Crawl Pros today. Our team of experts will inspect for any tree root or damage in your foundation and crawl space, remove the root without delay, repair the foundation, cleanup and restore your crawl space to the way it was earlier.

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