Water damage is the No. 1 cause of foundation failure.  Homes in the Northwest are more susceptible to foundation problems due to the high amounts of rainfall and wet winters.  If not handled quickly and properly, water in the crawl space can lead to mold growth, corrode electronics and weaken the structural supports and foundation of your home.  When you find water in your crawl space, it’s time to contact the number one water damage service company: Crawl Pros!

Sure there are other water damage service companies out there, but Crawl Pros has the expertise and trained technicians to do the job right the first time.  Our customers back up this claim.  Here is a recent five star Yelp review from one of our satisfied customers:

I recently purchased a 1950’s rambler with a 3-4ft crawl space which had 3-4 inches of standing water this whole winter. We had great drainage (10ft away from home) with all the downspouts, and the grading was proper. I figured the only way to fix was with a sump pump system.

Called Crawl Pros to come out; they confirmed what I was thinking and designed a solid sump pump system. Entire installation end to end was done in one long day, and the yard and area were left very clean. I’m very happy with the quality of work performed.

The crew performed the following work…

  • Pump out crawl space and install temporary sump pump to allow access to crawlspace for project.
  • Trench and install drainpipe to channel water to sump pump and back fill with lava rock.
  • Install sump pump system consisting of sump basin, main sump pump, back-up sump pump, back up battery, trickle charger, backflow prevention and water level alarm.
  • Tie in Sump pump water discharge to exterior drainage via downspout.
  • Run extension cord to plug into temporary outlet.
  • This includes the first annual system inspection. Annual inspections are recommended to maintain system and required for warranty.
  • Remove old vapor barrier and construction debris. Install new 6-mil black vapor barrier and secure with stakes.
  • Seal rodent entry points and build new access door to prevent rodents from accessing crawlspace.
  • Install an access cover over access hatch to keep rain from access well.

Christian W.Kirkland, WA

Of course we hope you won’t have issues to the extent experienced by Christian.  In fact, there are several steps you can take to head off the need for a water mediation.  Here are a few tips to help solve the problem yourself:

Tip 1:  Prevent the Need for a Water Damage Service Call

The first step in heading off costly water damage repairs is to take the proper steps to ensure your home and property is free from water pooling situations.   Follow these steps to make sure your home is free from water problems.

  • Make a regular schedule to clean your gutters.  Pine boughs and leaves can clog gutters sending a stream of water down the side of your house.
  • Make every effort to ensure your downspouts are in position to direct water 5 to 10 feet away from your house.  Water pooled around your foundation can cause walls to lean, crack the masonry, and create leaks.
  • Slope your yard at least 6 inches over a 10-foot span away from your foundation.
  • Make sure excess water does not pool in your crawl space.  Damp conditions can invite termites and carpenter ants; plus, it can cause mold and mildew.

Tip 2:  Check for Water Leaks and Fix Them

Persistent water leaks can lead to major foundation and wood structure issues.  Taking simple steps to check for water leaks can save you thousands in foundation repair.

How to check for leaks:

  • Make sure there are no dark spots under pipes or inside sink cabinets.  Stains on ceilings, toilets that rock, and running drips are all sure signs you have water leakage problems.
  • Inspect your roof at least once a year.  Make sure you have no missing, loose, or damaged shingles.  Replace cracked caulking and check for leaks around flashing.

Tip 3: Consider Installing a Sump Pump

A sump pump is a common crawl space apparatus that can prevent the need for a water damage service call down the road.  Even if you have taken the steps to prevent water in a crawl space, just a few inches of water can cause thousands of dollars in damage.  A sump pump can help reduce or eliminate this damage by diverting water away from your house when water levels rise during a storm or if your house is susceptible to ground water seepage.

To solve your crawl space maintenance and flooding issues, call Crawl Pros today at 866-673-9626. We serve homes throughout the Seattle, Tacoma and Portland areas with years of industry experience to get the job done right.