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Rodent elimination and encapsulation can be critical because we know seeing a small fuzzy creature scurry behind your refrigerator isn’t an uplifting sight. It has been proven that there’s evidence backing up a connection between depression and living in a poor neighborhood where rats are prevalent.

A study published in the March 2016 issue of the Journal of Community Psychology suggested an association between the two. Rodent infestations in poverty-stricken areas tended to impair the mental health to the people who reside there.

A total of 450 people living in Baltimore, Maryland took part. Thirteen percent of those participating said they saw rodents in their home, and for five percent this was an everyday occurrence.

Danielle German authored the study along with Carl A. Latkin – both of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She said that the study was a strong indicator of a link between living in a poor neighborhood and depression. It was not created to prove cause-and-effect between those two things, though.

Though this is a psychological ramification of being around rodents, there are also physical ones. If you worry about the damage and mess to your home that caused by rodents then Crawl Pros has your back. We provide rodent elimination and encapsulation solutions.

Crawl Pros has the tools needed to take care of the little varmints, through two services we offer. The first one is exclusion, in which our installers painstakingly look for, and then fill, any and all points that rodents could use to gain entry. We employ various materials – from steel and copper mesh, to foam and cement – to make sure the long-tailed intruders know they’re not welcome.

rodent elimination and encapsulation technique

rodent elimination and encapsulation

Customers Rave About Our Rodent Encapsulation and Elimination Services

Crawl Pros is already at the top of its game when it comes to this service. In a recent review Charel F., of Bonney Lake, wrote “did an excellent job of cleaning up my 2,000 sq. ft. crawl space infested with rodents.” And Steve G. of Tacoma raved that Crawl Pros “probably did more to abate that problem than anybody else that has come in here in 10 years. They put effort into it and I am not catching rodents or seeing evidence…”

Secondly, Crawl Pros eliminates the rodents before they even enter your house. A high-tech trap takes care of the problem in the most humane, painless way possible. The trap, an add-on to other services that we perform, is exclusive to Crawl Pros. No poison is used so the rodent remains are pet-safe. And you won’t have to set a whole bunch of these:

rodent elimination and encapsulation traps

Crawl Pros always provides a free estimate, no matter what your need is

Crawl Pros offers free consultations for all of its services, including encapsulation and elimination. Not only do we cover from Tacoma to Everett, but we’re now in Portland, as well.