Crawl Pros strives to provide the best service by staying on top of the latest industry trends, techniques and green products on the market. We continually attend industry trade shows and seminars and work with manufacturers to ensure our customers get the absolute best experience in the service of your crawl space, attic or rodent control.  We work hard to be your crawl space pros.  Here are just a few reasons why you can trust Crawl Pros.

1.  Our Crawl Space Pros Keep Up with Industry Trends and Technology

icaa convention for crawl space prosCrawl Pros stands out among its competitors through its ability to offer you services that include state-of-the-art technology and techniques.  Part of how we acquire this knowledge is by attending trade shows, seminars and events.  We translate the knowledge gained at these events into real solutions that save you time and money on your crawl space and attic jobs.

A major focus of trade shows is innovation and technology.  Attending these events allows us to view and test the latest products and services.  When we find a product that can save you money, or just plain works better, we work with the manufacturer to adapt their products into solutions that benefit you.

An example of this relates to the vapor barrier material Crawl Pros uses to insulate your crawl space.  We previously used the standard 6 mil black poly material that rips pretty easily if it tears or gets punctured.  Working with a leading manufacturer we developed a thick 9-mil vapor barrier to our own specifications.  It offers many benefits to regular vapor barrier material and is exclusive to Crawl Pros.

Another Crawl Pros innovation is our rodent elimination trap that provides a humane kill procedure for up to 24 instances without need for services. The trap tracks the number of rodent kills letting you know that it is working or if needs to be located to another area of your home.

Attending these shows also helps us stay abreast of changes in industry codes and regulations.   As the Northwest’s crawl space pros, it’s our job to ensure the work we do for you is legal, safe and the results are long lasting.

We also regularly visit our vendor’s facilities to learn first-hand how their products are manufactured and will work for your job.  Our most recent visit was to a John Mansfield manufacturing plant of fiberglass insulation.   We believe it is important to see how the products are manufactured so that we can ensure the product’s quality when we receive them for your job.

ICAA trade show vendors

2.  We Belong to Northwest Professional Alliances to Help Save you Money

Crawl Pros is proud to be a part of the Puget Sound Energy’s (PSE) Contractor Alliance Network.  This alliance ensures Crawl Pros is fully qualified to complete work that saves energy.  This affiliation allows you to receive instant rebates of up to $1700 in energy rebates from PSE for certain weatherization measures including:

  • Floor insulation: 50 percent of the cost, up to $400
  • Attic insulation (R-11 to R-49): 50 percent of the cost, up to $400
  • Attic insulation (R-19 to R-49): 50 percent of the cost, up to $200
  • Wall insulation: 50 percent of the cost, up to $400
  • Duct insulation and sealing: 50 percent of the cost, up to $500

Puget Sound Energy Contractor Alliance NetworkClick on our energy rebates page to learn more about the PSE rebates or call PSE at 1-800-562-1482, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm to verify that you qualify for the program.

We are also active members of the Weatherization Association of Washington, a non-profit association of energy consultants, contractors, suppliers, and manufactures.   Our CEO, Richard Herron, currently serves as the Acting President of the Association.  Learn more by visiting:

3.  Crawl Pros Employees Stay Up to Date through Certifications and Training

Crawl Pros puts major focus on training.  Our employees receive routine exposure to the latest techniques and technologies.  We spend a tremendous time on learning about green products and employing techniques intended to help achieve your energy goals.

Our crawl space estimators go through 4 hours of biweekly training.  Training sessions include installation strategies, red flags, specific techniques and customer service training.  This training helps to make sure they provide the best estimates they can.  Our training ensures the estimators are always up-to-date and connected with our customers’ needs.

crawl space pros training

We also hold regular monthly training sessions for all of our Crawl Pros professionals. This allows our teams to get refreshed on techniques, safety procedures, hear quick updates, and more. This is an investment in our team and the services they provide.

Our philosophy for training and continual improvement pays off.  Several of our employees hold specialized training certifications including the Bonneville Power Administration Prescriptive Duct Sealing and Building Professional Institute Building Analyst certifications.

Crawl Pros serves the greater Washington and Oregon areas.  Chat with our crawl space pros by calling us today at 866-673-9626 to discuss your crawl space, attic or insulation job.  Our estimates are free and you’ll be glad you gave us a try.