One thing about living in the Northwest, we are guaranteed to see our share of rain throughout the year. With rain comes water drainage and if not controlled properly the water can make its way into your crawl space or basement.

When you notice a persistent musty smell or condensation or if you begin to notice wet spots on the basement floors or walls you probably have a crawl space or basement moisture problem.

You can try to solve the problem yourself by unclogging rain gutters, inspecting roof downspouts and making sure foundation soil slopes away from the house. But, when these fixes don’t seem to solve the issue you may want to consider installing a sump pump.   Crawl Pros offers professional sump pump installation and can provide you with a free estimate to help solve your drainage issues.

Sump pumps work to keep ground water from making its way into your home.  Sump pumps can also help remove moisture if it has already made its way into a basement.  Although a sump pump will not keep leakage from entering through the walls of a basement, it can help reduce ground water that may cause or worsen an already existing problem.

liberty sump pump

Liberty Sump Pumps

It is possible to install a sump pump on your own; however, it does require a great deal of work usually in a dark and confined area. Specialized tools and equipment are also usually required.  For these reasons, you may want to consider calling Crawl Pros who are experts in drainage and pump installation.

sump pump

By choosing Crawl Pros for your sump pump installation you can count on:

  • A correctly sized sump pump pit and sump pump
  • Use of high quality pumps from trustworthy manufacturers like Liberty Pumps
  • Guaranteed work backed up by five star reviews from satisfied customers

To avoid the mess of DIY crawl space or basement sump pump installation, call Crawl Pros today at (253) 507-7682. We serve homes throughout the Seattle, Tacoma and Portland area with years of industry experience to get the job done right.