Rodent damage is a major concern as the weather starts to turn in the Pacific Northwest.  In the Fall rodents become more aggressive in their search for nutrients and water.  Rodents can enter your crawl space or attic via the smallest void or gap and cause significant damage by gnawing on wires, destroying insulation and sheet rock and can even trigger electrical fires.  According to recent reports, rodents are responsible for as many as 20% of the house fires occurring in the United States each year.

rodent damage

Rodents typically enter the house through busted or inproper screen vents, behind the furnace in the garage, burrowing tunnels underneath foundation wall, burrowing holes next to water line and sewage line, and through the access doors.  It is critically important to take all steps to prevent mice, rats and squirrels from gaining access into your home or business. Rodents along with many other pests are opportunistic and will devote time looking for places to breach and enter your home in search of shelter, food and water.

There are activities you can take to prevent rodent damage to your home.  Just a few items are:• Storing firewood at least 20 feet from your home and at least five feet off of the ground• Trim shrubs, bushes and trees close to the exterior of your home, mow grass on a regular basis, rake and remove leaves to eliminate garden debris close to your property.• Check dryer vent screens, utility and chimney vents for tears and other openings that rodents and wildlife can utilize to gain access.• Keep your kitchen counters clean and clutter free and make sure you collect and remove all traces of trash.• Check food storage containers and garbage cans to ensure that the lids and covers fit securely.

When these solutions fail, it is time to call the experts:  Crawl Pros.

Professional Solutions to Prevent Rodent Damage

Crawl Pros offers comprehensive rodent control programs which include trapping, removal, exclusion and repair for our residential customers in the Seattle, Tacoma and Portland areas.

Crawl Pros goal is to completely seal up your crawl space or attic so rodents can not enter the property.  We painstakingly look for and fill access points that rodents are using to gain entrance to your crawl space. We fill entry points with a special formulated material: Xcluder without foam.

Crawl Pros recently introduced a unique and innovative rodent elimination trap that provides a humane kill procedure for up to 24 instances without need for services.  The trap is extremely effective in treating roof rat instances where rats travel via power lines looking to enter your home’s attic.  The trap tracks the number of rodent kills letting you know that it is working or if needs to be located to another area of your home.  Click the video below to learn more about Crawl Pros’ unique new rodent elimination trap.

For more information about rodent removal, exclusion and trapping, call Crawl Pros at (253) 507-7682. We’re proud to provide insulation and rodent exclusion services in the Seattle, Tacoma and Portland areas, and we’ll gladly lend our expertise to your or your client’s home.