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Puget Sound Energy Rebates

Are you taking advantage of the weatherization rebates offered by Puget Sound Energy? Homeowners in the Puget Sound Area whose houses were built before 1990 may be eligible for rebates up to 95% coverage of the cost of crawl space and attic insulation projects.

PSE is committed to improving the energy efficiency of homes. By utilizing PSE’s rebate offers, homeowners across the Greater Seattle Area can ensure their crawl space and attic are adequately insulated and up-to-date with energy-efficiency standards.

The 2024 rebates are the most aggressive savings Crawl Pros has seen since we began working with PSE over a decade ago.

How Can I Use My PSE Rebates?

By claiming a rebate from PSE, homeowners can save hundreds of dollars on services such as:

Crawl Space services serve numerous benefits to a home. Updating old insulation can save homeowners on utility bills and help regulate heating and cooling throughout your home. Adequate crawl space insulation maintains clean air quality throughout your home and keeps pests from entering your crawl space.

When you work with Crawl Pros, our team will examine your home’s crawl space and identify the current health of the environment. Our team will recommend crawl space solutions that aim to keep your house and the residents safe and secure.

Maintaining your crawl space will improve the integrity of your home and its future. Don’t wait to take advantage of this savings opportunity.

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