The chilly winter months have arrived which means homeowners all across the Pacific Northwest are turning up their heating. While a warm and cozy home is desirable, the heating bill costs are not. Among a variety of ways to cut down on heating costs in the winter, one of the most important ways is to ensure the heat being pumped into your home stays in your home. This is achievable through adequate attic insulation.

If you are looking for ways to save on heating bills, Crawl Pros is here to help. 

How Does Attic Insulation Help Save On Heating Bills?

Your attic insulation works by resisting the flow of heat. Heat is a form of energy and always seeks a cooler area—in your home this means it flows outward in winter, and inward in summer.

Adequate insulation in your attic slows this heat flow from escaping when it reaches the top of your house. When your attic insulation is in good condition, properly installed, and made up of a high-quality product, your heating and cooling system requires less operation to maintain your desired temperature. With your heating system running less often, you spend less money on your heating bills.

The Benefits Of Adequate Attic Insulation

Ensuring your home has adequate attic insulation may not be the first thing you think of when looking to save costs on heating bills. Most homeowners are likely to push off any upgrades concerning home insulation because they don’t see or interact with their attic every day. Since it is out of sight, it often stays out of mind.

However, it can be one of the most impactful ways to ensure your home is retaining heat.

The return on investment for attic insulation projects is often larger than other improvements made throughout the home. Although there is an initial cost related to attic insulation, proper attic insulation will save you money in the long run. The EPA states that homeowners can save up to 15% on heating bills and cooling bills by installing insulation in attic and crawl spaces. Adequate attic insulation helps with overall energy conservation as well.

If it is time for your attic insulation to be replaced, your home may benefit from an attic cleanout to properly install new attic insulation. Learn more about attic cleanouts and attic insulation costs.

Once a professional attic and crawl space company assesses, removes, and installs new attic insulation, you will be able to notice several benefits in your home:

  • A decrease in their monthly heating/cooling bills
  • Better climate control in the home 
  • Better heat retention in the home
  • Prevention of cold drafts
  • Prevention of moisture-control issues
  • Improve air quality in your home
  • Better soundproofing from the roof

Another benefit to updating your attic insulation is the value it brings to your home. Installing new and high-R-value attic insulation can increase your home’s resale value.

How To Know If Your Attic Is Due For New Insulation

If you are a new homeowner or looking to purchase a new home – it would be beneficial to ensure the records of the home note when the attic insulation was last updated. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to note when large maintenance items were completed and address updating as needed. The recommended length of time between attic insulation installation varies. However, a good rule of thumb is to assess the condition of your attic insulation 15 years after it was initially installed.

Indicators that your attic insulation may be struggling to retain the heat in your home:

  • High-cost energy bills that are not correlated to a drastic drop in outside temperature
  • An increase in the cost of energy bills
  • The heating system constantly running
  • Inconsistent temperature in the home
  • Cold drafts in the home
  • Presence of moisture or mold in your attic
  • Presence of damage to attic insulation

Having the correct amount of insulation can help save money on your energy bill and help maintain a comfortable and cozy temperature in your home. You can determine yourself if your home has adequate attic insulation or is indeed under-insulated.  To do so, inspect the condition of the insulation in your attic.  It should lay evenly across your attic with no gaps, ridges, or bumps.

You should then measure the depth of your insulation to ensure you still have the recommended level of insulation installed. The recommended level of insulation varies by the age of your home and geographic region. The actual R-value depends on the product that is used to insulate the attic. R-value is simply a material’s capacity to resist heat flow. The higher the insulation R-value, the greater the insulating power. The current R-value code for Pacific Northwest homes is R-49. 

At Crawl Pros, we are experts at evaluating your current attic insulation condition and then recommending the best attic insulation solution. Our solutions provide significant energy efficiency and heating cost savings by reducing the amount of energy needed to heat and cool your house. If you find your home does not have adequate attic insulation, it’s time to call Crawl Pros.

Attic Insulation Costs

Blown-in attic insulation cost averages around $3,000, with most homeowners spending between $3,000 and $5,000. This is dependent, of course, on the size of the home and the time and amount of insulation required to complete the job.

Investing in adequate attic insulation can lead to potentially saving hundreds of dollars on energy bill costs. On top of that, homeowners may also qualify for a utility rebate from local or state initiatives. If you are in need of attic insulation services, read up on the current utility rebates available in your area. Our team at Crawl Pros is a great resource to learn about utility rebates and how they could be applied to attic insulation costs related to our services.

Crawl Pros offers a variety of attic insulation services including: 

Attic Insulation

Additional Ways To Save On Heating Bills 

Whether you are looking to save a few dollars in the meantime before installing new attic insulation or you are looking to double up on saving tactics, try out any of the below tips on how to save on heating bills.

  • Duct sealing & insulation

Attic duct sealing and insulation is another way to dramatically improve your home’s heat retention. Ductwork is the delivery system of the home. If it is not properly insulated, heat will escape from the ducts instead of being delivered to your home.

Crawl space duct sealing and insulation can also help retain heat in the house and help you save on heating bills. Ensure your home has proper duct sealing and insulation to eliminate leaks and save money on heating bills.

  • Set your thermostat to follow a timed schedule

Consider the time of day when your home is empty; you may not need your heat running consistently throughout the day. If you have a programmable thermostat, you will be able to turn on and off your heating at desired times throughout the day or week. If you are planning to be out of the house for multiple days in a row, consider turning down your heating to conserve energy. 

  • Ensure all windows and doors are sealed properly

Another way to retain heat in your home is to ensure all doors and windows are closed and sealed to ensure heat does not escape through cracks.

Furthermore, ensure that your current windows are made with up-to-date materials that are made for energy efficiency. If you have old windows, consider replacing them.

  • Ensure your heating system is maintained and cleaned

Regular maintenance of your heating system ensures it operates efficiently. Change air filters regularly and schedule annual professional inspections and cleanings to keep it running smoothly.

  • Consider only heating specific areas of your home

If there are rooms that are not being used in your home, close the heating vents to those spaces. This will allow the heating system to distribute heat to the areas of the home that are occupied.

  • Utilize curtains and blinds

Covering your windows with curtains and blinds on colder days can create an additional barrier between your living space and the window. This may help retain heat in your home.

Not every savings tactic is made equal. When determining how to save money on your heating bills, we recommend investing in solutions that will provide long-lasting savings. If your home needs updated attic insulation, we highly recommend pairing these tactics with attic insulation installation.

Save On Heating Bills with Crawl Pros

Crawl Pros offers a variety of insulation services to ensure your home is energy efficient. Our team of technicians are experts in both crawl space and attic insulation services. 

When you contact Crawl Pros, our team will schedule an initial consultation at your home to evaluate the attic or crawl space. We’ll then be able to identify what needs to be repaired and replaced. Our team will suggest the best strategy on how to update your attic insulation and help figure out if you qualify for any utility rebates.

Crawl Pros services residential and commercial buildings all across the Greater Seattle area and the Greater Portland area. To get started with improvements to your attic or crawl space call Crawl Pros at (866) 673-9626 to schedule your free consultation today.