Ensuring your home has adequate attic insulation may not be what you think of first when investing in your home. In fact, most homeowners are likely to push off any upgrades in these areas because they just don’t see or interact with their attic everyday, or ever.

Crawl Pros understands this, but we also know that the return on investment (ROI) for attic insulation projects is often larger than improvements in other areas of the home.  In addition to ROI benefits you will also realize significant energy cost savings by upgrading your insulation.  In fact, a recent study indicated that without adequate attic insulation, as much as 20% of every dollar spent on home heating escapes through the roof.  Other studies found that nearly 90% of homes are under-insulated.

Your attic insulation works by resisting the flow of heat. Heat is a form of energy and always seeks a cooler area—in your home this means it flows outward in winter, and inward in summer. Insulation slows this heat flow, so your heating and cooling system requires less operation to maintain your desired temperature, which saves you money.

At Crawl Pros we are experts at evaluating your current attic insulation condition then recommending the best insulation solution.  Our solutions provide significant energy efficiency and cost savings by reducing the amount of energy needed to heat and cool your house.

Attic Insulation Upgrades

Having the correct amount of insulation can help save money on your energy bill and help maintain a comfortable and cozy temperature in your home.

You can determine yourself if your home has adequate attic insulation or is indeed under-insulated.  To do so, inspect the condition of the insulation in your attic.  It should lay evenly across your attic with no gaps, ridges or bumps.

You should then measure the depth of your insulation to ensure you still have the recommended level of insulation installed.  Recommended levels of insulation vary by the age of your home and geographic region, but generally Northwest homes should have 13-18″ inches of insulation, at the properl R-value, installed in their attics.

Insulation is rated by R-value.  R-value is simply a material’s capacity to resist heat flow. The higher the insulation R-value, the greater the insulating power.  Crawl Pros have years of experience in knowing the best amount, type and R-value required to insulate your home.

If you find your home does not have adequate attic insulation, then it’s time to call Crawl Pros.  Our attic insulation services are very similar to our crawl space insulation services. We remove the old, ineffective insulation, making sure there’s no mold or moisture damage to the attic structure. Then we replace it with a new, high-rated material.

Once we complete our work you will instantly notice several benefits in your home:

  • A decrease in their monthly heating/cooling bills
  • Better climate control/heat retention in their homes
  • Better soundproofing from the roof

On top of saving potentially hundreds of dollars on energy costs, homeowners may also qualify for a utility rebate from local or state initiatives. There’s also an increase in home resale value when the attic has new, high R-value attic insulation.

In addition to the above, crawl space and attic insulation is a great investment in your overall comfort. Completing these upgrades will prevent cold drafts, improve breathing conditions, and resolve moisture-control issues.

To get started with improvements to your attic or crawl space is call Crawl Pros at (866) 673-9626 to schedule your free consultation.