When even thinking of insulating a crawl space leaves you cold and bewildered, it’s time to call Crawl Pros.  You clearly understand the importance of ensuring your crawl space has the proper insulation.  Doing so can help you save up to 15% on your utility bill.  It also keeps your floors and home more comfortable by improving air quality and preventing hot and cool air from escaping through the floor.  It makes perfect sense to properly insulate a crawl space.  But, to do the job right it takes skill and expertise.

Crawl Pros are Experts at Insulating a Crawl Space!

Although many homeowners may be capable of insulating a crawl space, there are several notable advantages of going with a professional.  The quality of do-it-yourself insulation products varies.  The variations can increase the risk of indoor air pollution and the potential health problems that may come from it.  Professionals, like Crawl Pros, will thoroughly clean the space and remove old insulation before installing new insulation.  We find it beneficial in most cases to remove the old insulation since it can provide an attractive (and hidden) habitat for pests.  Our experts will also spray the area with fungicide.  Many homeowners do not have the equipment or experience to do a sufficiently thorough job of this type.

insulating a crawl space

Depending on type of crawl space you have:  ventilated or unventilated, our experts will install the type of insulation needed for your home.  Here’s more about crawl space insulation:

Ventilated Crawl Space

Nealy 95% of the crawl space work we falls into this category.  This type of crawl space is ideal because the ventilation helps eliminate moisture, which tends to build up in crawl space.  This is especially prevalent in Seattle, Tacoma and Portland areas. Fiberglass insulation is usually the best type of insulation for a ventilated crawl space. Insulation is installed between the floor joists, beneath the subfloor. Professional installation of the insulation is important because it needs to be fully secured and covered with a vapor barrier.  Improper installation may increase the risk of excess moisture, which breeds mold.

Non-Ventilated Crawl Space

Although not as prevalent in the Northwest, we can also complete work in a non-ventilated crawl space.  Since most non-ventilated crawl spaces have concrete floors we use encapsulation techniques to seal air vents and run 20 mil. vapor up the walls.  This method uses less insulation.  In some cases we also install a dehumidifier in the crawl space to prohibit humidity build up.

To finish up we install a durable, properly installed crawl space moisture barrier.  This is one of the most important components in a sealed crawl space.  In addition to keeping soil moisture out of the crawl space, it also seals out air, pests, dirt, radon gas, and dust.

We invite you to call us today at 866-673-9626 to discuss your crawl space insulation needs.  Local utility company rebates may apply.  And, Crawl Pros offers same-as-cash financing through PayPal, on approval of credit. Yo can take a full six months to pay the bill at no interest.