A crawlspace vapor barrier can cut moisture problems in half, leaving your home better protected from mold and water damage.

crawlspace vapor barrier

Thinking about installing a crawlspace vapor barrier?

Wondering how it can improve your home?

Adding vapor barrier to your crawlspace comes with a lot of benefits that you need to be aware of. Vapor barriers don’t just help improve the health of your home but can help improve your personal health and safety in some big ways as well.

Below we’ll look at the top ways that a crawlspace vapor barrier can benefit your home’s health.

1. Keep Moisture Out

One of the biggest benefits of using a crawl space vapor barrier is that it can help you to keep moisture out of your home and crawl space. Moisture can be bad for your home and for your health, so keeping it out is essential for keeping your family safe.

Crawl spaces are close to the ground, and because of this, moisture can sometimes creep up into the home if there is no barrier. Especially in some climates, there is a lot of moisture in the soil.

A vapor barrier serves as a buffer between the moisture in the soil and your home. Using a barrier, moisture will be diffused and more of it will remain in the soil rather than working its way into your home.

2. Prevent Mold and Structural Damage

When you have a lot of dampness in your home, mold growth is a common problem. If you don’t have a vapor barrier in your crawl space then mold, mildew, and fungi are more likely to grow.

There is often little ventilation or light in a crawl space so it can be a prime place for this kind of mold growth to occur. Mold can be very harmful to the air quality in your home. It can also lead to structural damage.

When there is a lot of moisture and mold in your home, the wood in your home may experience damage. Much of a home’s structure is built of wood, and it can rot if it’s infected with mold and moisture.

3. Get Rid of Pests

Another benefit of installing a crawlspace vapor barrier is that it can help you to repel pests from your home and keep them from entering.

Pests such as termites, carpenter ants, rats, and stink bugs love to spend time in a home that has plenty of moisture and water available. Curious animals such as raccoons may also wander into your crawl space and look for a way to get into your home. Unfortunately, it can be a lot easier for them to do it if there isn’t a vapor barrier.

By using a vapor barrier you’ll reduce moisture in your home and crawl space. You’ll also avoid attracting pests that can spread disease, harm your family, or cause structural damage. A vapor barrier can help you keep moisture out, and along with it, bugs and rodents as well.

4. Avoid Wiring Hazards

A lot of the wiring in the crawlspace that runs under your house is likely already protected somewhat by plastic sheathing or by a conduit. However, there still may be some wiring hazards that could use some extra protection.

Junction boxes, for example, or other places where there are joints and connections can pose a threat. If these areas get too wet, then you may experience electrical problems. You may also be in danger of fire or shock.

If you want to protect yourself from wiring hazards and electrical risks, crawlspace vapor barriers can help. A vapor barrier will add an extra layer of protection that can help you avoid the dangerous combination of water and electricity.

5. Prevent Rust and Corrosion

Vapor barriers can also do a good job in preventing rust and corrosion. If there are any ductwork or HVAC system components running in your crawl space under the house, it may be at risk of rusting from excess moisture. Water can very quickly damage even the newest metal components.

By installing a barrier you’ll help to keep out water and moisture that can lead to rust in metal equipment and components under your house. You’ll minimize the need for an early replacement and any metal items you have will live much longer lives as a result.

6. Improve Energy Efficiency

Another great benefit of a crawl space vapor barrier is that they can help to encourage more energy efficiency in your home. In addition to diffusing moisture, a barrier serves as extra insulation and can help your home retain its temperature more easily.

Installing a vapor barrier can help to keep moisture out and this can have a big impact on your home. Your home will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This can help you to cut down on energy bills each month and can make it more likely that your home will stay as comfortable as possible.

7. Create a More Comfortable Home

As a result of this reduction of moisture and increased energy efficiency, a barrier can help you ensure your home is comfortable. The air quality in your home will improve greatly and you’ll breathe easier. You’ll have a much drier home and will improve the living conditions for your entire family.

Having moisture in the air of your home can lead to mold and mildew and can be potentially hazardous to your health. By using a vapor barrier, your air quality will be better and you’ll be healthier.

This kind of increased comfort will not only help improve your living conditions but can also help in case you sell the home later on.

8. Enable Better Crawlspace Access

One of the top benefits of using a vapor barrier is that it will make access to your crawlspace much easier. When you install a vapor barrier, your crawlspace will be much cleaner. If any work needs to be done to the crawlspace below your home, things will get done faster and the work will go more smoothly.

Anyone who goes into your crawlspace will also be safer with a vapor barrier. They’ll face fewer health risks due to mold. They’ll also avoid possible electrical danger, pests, and other potential threats.

Ready to Install a Crawlspace Vapor Barrier?

The advantages listed above can improve your home as well as your personal health in some big ways. Make sure to think about the above points carefully, if you’re wondering if it’s time to for you to install a vapor barrier in your crawlspace

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