vapor barrier

A vapor barrier refers to the material that blocks moisture from entering a home through a ceiling, roof, floor, crawl space, basement and other parts of the home. For home in the Northwest, the installation of a moisture barrier can be one of the smartest and wisest decisions due to the following reasons.

1 – A Vapor Barrier Helps Prevent Mold

The presence of moisture leads to the creation of mold and mildew. These elements cause health issues especially if anyone in your home suffers from asthmatic, respiratory or breathing issues. Hence, the safety of your home comes first which can luckily be provided through the installation of a vapor barrier in your home.

2 –  Nullifying Rust

The ductwork of your HVAC system or any other metallic surface reacts badly with water and creates rust. These issues then require maintenance and incur considerable costs for your home. This dangerous combination of metal and other rust-prone materials can be nullified through a vapor barrier.

3 – Protects Pipes

The material in the water or gas pipes is also threatened by moisture. Water damages the protective coatings of these pipes. As a result, slab and gas leaks occur which make property and maintenance repairs necessary. Luckily, a moisture barrier offers a solution to save you from such dilemmas.

4 – Limits Electrical Repairs

With the passage of time, wiring weakens, whether it is visible or exists behind/beneath the walls and floors of your home. As the protective material of the wires is removed, any sign of moisture causes an electrical issue.

5 – Protects from Electric Shock

The grief caused by damaged electrical wiring is not just limited to calling an electrician. Northwesterners will also have to keep in mind that damaged electrical wiring can cause an electric shock. Often, these problems go undetected unless a family member unknowingly touches the compromised part of the wiring and gets severely hurt.

6 – Eases Exploration of the Crawl Space

Without a vapor barrier, searching your way and moving about in your crawl space can be really unpleasant as your clothes and body can get wet.  A vapor barrier in your crawl space keeps the area neat, dry and easy to work in.

7 – Eradicates Insects and Rodents

Moist homes are the favorite breeding grounds for bugs and rodents as they spread into basements, crawl spaces, and other parts of the home. The fumigation and elimination expense incurred to remove these foreign invaders can be completely removed from the scene with a vapor barrier.

8 – Saves Appliances

With a hint of moisture, your home appliances are also at risk. A little amount of water is enough to harm the foundations of your home and then you will have to deal with the headache and expense of a repair job. Fortunately, these worries can be eliminated by a properly installed vapor barrier.

9 – Stabilization of Soil

Moisture also deteriorates the soil that lies under a home’s floors and basements. Thus, danger of soil erosion increases, resulting in your home’s instability. A moisture barrier can save you from this predicament and stabilize your home.

10 – Help Maintain Temperature

Studies have shown that nearly 98% of moisture transferred through walls occurs through air gaps, cracks around electrical fixtures and outlets, and gaps along baseboards.

Dampness can also meddle with the temperature in your home. Whether it is the winter season or the summer season, your appliances will have to work harder due to the humidity levels of your home.

Thankfully, a vapor barrier serves as a great ally that can decrease the workloads of your furnaces and air conditioners.

Contact Crawl Pros to Learn More about Vapor Barriers

Our trained technicians can install a vapor barrier in your home in as little as one day.

We use our own strong and thick 9-mil vapor barrier material which is manufactured to our strict specifications.

Our material is reflective black on one side and reflective white on the other. The reflective white side serves to lighten up your crawl space. If rodents do get in, their presence will be obvious, with their feces easy to spot on the white surface.

If you are wondering “Do I need a vapor barrier?” or would like to learn more about our vapor barrier installation process, contact the professionals at Crawl Pros at 866-673-9626.