Stuart Little may have been the star of animation, but his buddies often make for unwelcome little house guests.

rodent extermination

Rodents have been known to carry disease, spread germs, and even terrorize the family pet. Rodents are never a welcome house guest, but these sneaky little guys are clever and often hard to eliminate.

If you’re looking for a rodent extermination solution, read on. We’ve got a host of tips to share that will help you find a permanent rodent control solution.

It’s Called Poison for a Reason

If you have a rodent problem, you may think that poison is the easiest solution. Spoiler Alert: It’s not.

Why? Rodents who eat poison are likely to die in hard to find places. This means you’re likely to end up with an of dead rodents in your walls.

As you may suspect, lots of dead rodents in your walls can make for a pretty stinky situation. While some crawl spaces may be accessible, non-accessible areas can make removal difficult.

In some cases, the lingering smell of a dead rodent may require costly removal. If the odor is out of hand, taking a sledgehammer to your drywall may be the only way to rid your house of unsavory odors.

A dead rodent can take between days and weeks to decompose, so unless you’re looking for an excuse to renovate your kitchen or bedroom, you’ll be best off setting traps.

Stalking the Beast: The First Step in Rodent Extermination

If you suspect you have a rodent problem, you may be able to figure out just where the problem starts with the help of a night vision camera. If you use a pet camera, nanny cam, or wireless security camera, you’re in luck.

Position the camera with a wide view of the in the area where you suspect activity. When the camera detects activity it should record video footage of the four-legged intruders.

While this video footage can set off a host of disgusted reactions, it’ll give you a good idea of where they’re coming from and what they’re looking for.

Setting traps is only the beginning. You’ll want to seal up any areas that have become a high traffic area for rodents. Check under cabinets and near appliances. These areas are likely to have nearly undetectable gaps that make it possible for rodents to find their way in.

The End of the Road

Setting traps is the single most effective rodent control solution. Most homeowners who have dealt with rat extermination agree that rat trap clean up ranks low on a list of desirable chores.

Traps, however, are a necessary evil. If you’re dealing with mice, there are traps available that conceal the evidence. These specially designed traps will allow you to remove the rodent without having to view the rodent.

If you’re dealing with rats, however, you’re going to need a more heavy duty trap. Traditional traps can work great, but there may be a bit of blood to deal with during clean up.

If you haven’t set a rat trap before, you may want to watch the video in our blog post about rat traps.

rat trap

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Preventative Measures

If you’re a pet owner, one simple mistake can cause you a world of trouble. Storing your companion animal’s pet food in anything other than a durable, well-sealed container can be a costly mistake.

Rodents are likely to find and make a home near pet food that they can get into to. If you’re currently storing food in your garage, this can even result in expensive damage to your vehicle.

Rodents like to make a home for themselves in vehicles. This is because the undercarriage of your car is often warm and has a host of small crawlspaces just perfect for hiding.

You can check your vehicle for damage by looking for nearby rodent droppings. Another tell-tale sign of rodent activity? Look for chewed up wires that indicate that your vehicle has become a mouse hotel.

Remove pet food from the garage at all costs. It’s likely the biggest contributor to your rat problem.

Call in the Professionals

Have you given rodent control a shot but found it to be too much to handle? If cleaning up the crime scene of a rodent extermination sounds like more than you can handle, don’t worry.

Instead of arguing with your spouse about whose turn it is to pick up the deceased rodent intruders, pick up the phone instead. Rodent extermination pros are great at making pest control issues a thing of the past.

While it’ll cost a bit more than a dollar store rat trap, this can be the most effective solution so you can get your pest control issue under control and get on with your life. For more great info on how you can get your crawl spaces clean, safe, and rodent free, check out our blog.