Fall is a perfect time to tackle those winterization projects for your home or business.  Although the Pacific Northwest winter weather does not get as cold as some regions of the country, it can still get cold enough to impact your heating budget, and can even be dangerous to your family or pets.

Taking steps to winterize your crawl space can help prevent cold floors, frozen pipes and save money on energy costs.  Winterization also helps prevent crawl space problems such mold, wood damage, excessive moisture and possible foundation problems and failures.  Contact us to get your free crawl space inspection.

Winterization Services for your Home or Business Crawl Space

  • One of the main and most effective weatherizing steps is to seal off cold outside air from entering your crawl space.  Cold outside air that enters your crawl space can cause pipes to freeze and increases your heating costs.  Crawl Pros can help in this regard with our crawl space encapsulation system.  Encapsulation prevents cold outside air from coming in your crawl space.  It helps you same money on heating costs and and protects your crawl space from such problems as mold growth, wood rot and other moisture related problems.
    crawl space winterization through encapsulation
  • Another winterization tip is to ensure you have the proper crawl space insulation.  Many Northwest crawl spaces are insulated with fiberglass insulation on the foundation walls.  In some cases if the insulation has been exposed to water it can can act like a sponge and absorb and hold water that can lead to mold growth.  The Crawl Pros team are experts and crawl space insulation and can analyze your current insulation installation then offer the best solution to help prevent problems and save you money on energy costs.
  • Adequate pipe and heating duct insulation can not only save on energy costs, but help prevent freezing and bursts.  Proper duct sealing and insulation can help you save up to 20% on energy costs.  Crawl Pros has helped hundreds of home owners with their insulation needs and is happy to provide a free estimate on our services.
  • Installing crawl space vapor barriers is another way to save on heating cost.   A proper vapor barrier installation can help preventing basement moisture.  This helps save energy because it is harder to heat and cool air that has a high moisture level, making you furnace or a/c unit work harder than it needs to.

At Crawl Pros Our Goal is to Save You Time and Money

With our energy-efficient solutions and innovative installation process, we cut down the amount of time it takes to update your crawl space.  We work with multiple utilities and are on their preferred vendor list (PUD.)  We are able to offer rebates if a home qualifies under these programs which can offset some of the cost of weatherization.

For affordable pricing and a high-quality job, call us at (877) 803-2370 today.  Contact us today.  Free estimates are available!