The crawl space in your home is one of those areas that are “out of sight/out of mind”—that is, until there’s a problem. Because your home’s crawl space is hidden, issues may have been brewing for months. By the time the first obvious signs show up, you’ve got a serious mess on your hands. Here’s what to watch for—and how we can help through crawl space water removal and remediation services.

Marysville Mess—Signs of a Crawl Space Water Problem

Marysville, Washington has wet, damp winters that can wreak havoc on a home. It’s those areas of a structure that come in close contact with the elements that often take a beating, and this includes your home’s crawl space. Typical signs that you’ve got a damp or water-filled crawl space include:

  • A first floor that has sagging or areas that aren’t level
  • A big rise in energy costs
  • Visible insects
  • Water puddling around the footing of your home
  • A musty smell in your house

Standing water in your crawl space can cause mildew or mold to grow, which is a health hazard. It can literally rot the wood and cause terrible structural damage to your home, attracting insects and making the property structurally unsafe. All of these issues can lower the value of your home as well as making it uncomfortable to live there.

Who To Call For Water Removal & Remediation Services in Marysville, Wa

Call Crawl Pros immediately. Getting your crawl space water problem under control is an immediate and necessary first step. Whether the water was from a plumbing leak, a bad rainstorm, or even condensation, we have solutions to mitigate the problem and protect your home.

We want to keep your investment secure, which is why we offer a free estimate to homeowners in the Marysville, Washington area. Contact us today for a cleaner, drier, and more energy-efficient home.