Do you know that your Bellingham home has a crawl space? You may not realize the importance of this space between your main floor and the ground, however, clean crawl spaces are key to keeping your house safe from long-term damage.

If your home has a crawl space, it should be clean, dry, and critter free. Moisture is specifically a likely suspect for crawl spaces in Bellingham houses. Any water in crawl spaces can spell trouble for your home and its occupants. Fortunately, Crawl Pros offers qualified crawl space water removal and remediation services in Bellingham, Washington.

Why You Should Care About Your Bellingham Crawl Space

Water such as rainfall, stream runoff, or moisture can cause serious damage to your home if it enters and remains in your crawl space. Water in your crawl space can damage your home’s insulation, wiring, wood, and even concrete materials. It can also lead to mold and mildew, which can contribute to structural damage and pose a health risk to the house’s occupants.

Common Signs You Have Water in Your Crawl Space

  • The smell of a moldy or musty odor in the home.
  • The air in your home feels increasingly humid. 
  • House floors feel damp. 
  • The House floor feels uneven or noticeably sagging due to wood rot/
  • Condensation on your windows.
  • Drywall is cracking or doors are sticking due to structural warping. 
  • Utility bills are much higher than normal. 

You’ll want to address moisture in your crawl space immediately. Crawl Pros advises that you contact a professional crawl space company to inspect your crawl space to find the best solution for your home.

Contact Crawl Pros

Crawl Pros offers professional water removal and remediation services throughout the Bellingham area. Our expert technicians will identify the source of your water intrusion issues, such as a leaky pipe or poor draining system. Then, our professional crawl space technicians will thoroughly clean up any current water damage.

We won’t stop there. Crawl Pros will work with you to prevent future water intrusion in your crawl space. Some solutions for future water intrusion may be installing a sump pump or french drainage system in your home.

Crawl Pros is a local company that offers a Perfect Guarantee for its services to ensure customers are satisfied with their services. For crawl space water remediation services in the Bellingham area, contact Crawl Pros to get a free estimate.