If you have a home in Bellevue, you might struggle with ways to make it as energy-efficient as possible. The Pacific Northwest can be a harsh environment, and homeowners have to figure out how to keep their home warm year-round as well as keep moisture away.

But don’t worry — the experts at Crawl Pros can help. Read on to discover the importance of crawl space insulation in your Bellevue home.

Why Does Your Bellevue Home Need Crawl Space Insulation?

Crawl spaces are shallow areas between the ground and the base of your home, so they can soak up the natural cold and moisture from the earth. Those elements can also be transferred into your home, causing your utilities to work harder than they should.

Without insulation, cool, pressurized air is drawn up through your floor and into your home, impacting your ability to regulate temperature; this phenomenon is known as the stack effect. Further, insulating your crawl space helps improve the air quality in your home, which is vital to the health and wellbeing of your family.

Crawl Space Insulation Installation in Bellevue

Clean up and Removal

Before we can install new insulation, it’s important to clean up your crawl space and protect your home during the process. Crawl Pros will remove debris, animal carcasses and feces, and old insulation from your crawl space. Once the crawl space is clean, we will seal all penetration points to your home and fog the crawl space with an odor neutralizer.

New Insulation Installation

Depending on the thickness of your floor cavities, we’ll choose the proper R-value insulation for your crawl space. We choose sustainable and safe insulation that is held together by natural binders.

Vapor Barrier Installation

The next step is to install a vapor barrier that will help prevent moisture and mold problems as well as keep your home comfortable year-round. We use a 9 mil fiber-reinforced woven vapor barrier and ensure it is properly secured with all the seams taped.

Water Mediation and Flooding

Finally, you can prevent troublesome issues with flooding in your crawl space by taking an additional step. Depending on your home’s situation, your technician might recommend installing a sump pump with French drains as a preventative measure.

Free Estimates for Crawl Space Insulation

If you’d like to reduce your energy costs and improve the air quality in your Bellevue home, Crawl Pros is standing by to help. We specialize in installing crawl space insulation throughout Washington State and stand by our work with a lifetime guarantee.

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