A crawl space serves an important purpose for your home. It’s a barrier between the cold ground and your home’s foundation. When kept clean and neat, it can improve your indoor air quality. But many Marysville, Washington crawl spaces need some TLC when dampness, pooling water, and even rodents infect the space with mold, dampness, dirt, and other materials that you don’t want near your home or loved ones.

Here’s what you need to know about crawl space cleaning in our area.

Crawl Space Moisture

Our cool damp winters are no match for a properly and barrier-protected crawl space. But without craw space cleaning, the space under your home is at high risk for excessive moisture damage. This can include rotten foundations, termites, other insects, or even rodents. All of this unwanted activity could cause real damage to your home. It’s also fairly gross; your indoor air quality will worsen with exposure to these problems.

How can homeowners clean up their messy crawl spaces?

Marysville Crawl Space Cleaning

The answer is a thorough, efficient cleaning of the floors and underside of the crawl space. Clean Pros can come in and:

● Clear out rodent infestations
● Disinfect and deodorize structural beams
● Clean out mold and mildew
● Seal any gaps or holes that allow air to leak out
● Seal the air ducts, so no heat is lost
● Apply a vapor barrier insulation

Get Help With Your Crawl Space Cleaning Project

Your home doesn’t start on your first floor; there is a subterranean world under your feet. When that area grows dirty with mold, mildew, or animal droppings, it’s time to call in experts to clean up the problem. Crawl Pros has been doing this work in the Marysville, Washington area. We’ve worked with neighbors all around you to clean up their indoor air quality by disinfecting and installing a vapor barrier in their crawl spaces. Our work virtually pays for itself in savings on your heating and cooling bills.

Contact us today for a free estimate to clean your basement crawl space.