As a critical part of home maintenance, it is important that you understand what a crawlspace is and how it can make your home a better place to live. In short, crawlspaces are simply the hollow area that can be found between the ground and the flooring structure of your house. Crawl spaces usually measure between 2 to 3 feet, just enough space to allow someone to crawl through and access the under part of your home.

a properly maintained crawlspace

A Properly Maintained Crawlspace. Completed by Crawl Pros in 2017

The reason why a crawlspace exists is to ensure that your house has enough ventilation. Without proper ventilation, crawl spaces can lead to the “stack effect,” a process where moisture moves from the ground up through cracks in the floor and into the home. As mentioned in our blog article about black mold,  a crawl space with excess moisture can be a breeding ground for black mold, fungi, bugs such as termites, and potentially even rodents.  Read more about the serious effects of black mold by clicking here.

A crawlspace also provides easy access to systems like air conditioning, your heater, duct work, plumbing and electrical wiring.

Your crawl space is one of those things that does not garner a lot of attention but is a vitally important part of your home. A clean crawl space is critical and must be properly maintained.

The first thing you should make sure about your house’s crawlspace is to ensure that there is absolutely no moisture in it. Moisture control is very important in this regard. If you don’t control it, it can lead to water collection over time and this will lead to mold and mildew growth. This has been known to weaken the structural integrity of houses.

Additionally, a clean crawl space can help it keep sealed and water resistant. Regular cleaning is the best way to ensure that your crawlspace is moisture free. If, for any reason you end up with an excess amount of water, use a perimeter drain to get rid of it as soon as possible.

There are numerous reasons why you should keep your crawlspace maintained. As mentioned earlier, a properly maintained crawlspace is vital to ensure that you don’t end up with mold and mildew on your floors.

Other than that, it is also important to keep rodents away. These creatures find crawlspaces to be the perfect place to habitat. However, these rodents result in rodent droppings that can lead to serious health hazards in the future. You need to regularly inspect your crawlspace for these rodents and find a way to remove them before they work their way into your walls and other rooms.

When You Need Help in Your Crawlspace, Contact Crawl Pros

The Crawl Pros team are experts at crawl space cleaning, removal, repair and decontamination.

Our trained experts can solve the most extreme issues in toughest conditions.  Look to Crawl Pros to help solve these crawlspace tasks:

  • We can remove all debris, rotted wood and small rodent carcasses
  • We will clean structural beams damaged by water and severe moisture conditions
  • We can remove and replace a leaking vapor barrier and replace it with our superior vapor barrier
  • We provide an environmentally sound mold and mildew process
  • We can seal air penetration points and holes
  • We can remove and install new insulation
  • and, if needed, we repair or replace air ducting

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