If you’ve ever had a pest invasion that started in your crawl space, then you know the value of an air-tight property. Whether it was an ant problem, a rodent nest, or even larger “guests” like raccoons, odds are that they got in through that opening.

Many times the problem is just a loose or ill-fitting screen. Because many homeowners don’t realize that their screens have been compromised, pests can get in and cause extensive damage long before the owners even discover that the pests have been there.

With Crawl Pros, we can prevent future pest invasions by installing high-quality, air-tight vents. Our vents allow for necessary airflow into and out of your crawl space while also being small enough to prevent animal access. We also install metal flashing to support screens and vents to keep out the especially-determined critters in your area.


There may be more than one way for the critters to get in, so we ensure that all points of entry are filled with steel or copper mesh. And if the pests are getting into your crawl space through sewer or pipe access, we will block those holes with cement.

Another prevention method is for us to replace access doors if they are compromised by moisture, age, or damage. For spaces where pests have already been, Crawl Pros uses EXPEL Odor Neutralizer, a non-toxic anti-microbial enzyme that eliminates the bacteria associated with pest infestations.

Our white vapor barrier is ideal for people who, unfortunately, host a lot of rodent “visitors.” The bright white makes it very obvious that rodents have been in your crawl space and that it’s time to call your pest control company.

Our ultimate method to prevent pests from causing damage to your property is encapsulation, in which we cover your entire crawl space so that it’s a controlled environment that remains dry and clean.