The typical crawl space encapsulation cost is in question for some, but a bigger question is whether the cost is justifiable. As a homeowner with numerous expenses related to home maintenance – it is a fair question to ask. When it comes to a house’s structural longevity, a properly equipped crawl space is key.

It’s not surprising that people’s crawl spaces go overlooked. It’s a dark and dingy place that you don’t want to get down in. Since you rarely need to enter your crawl space, it often goes out of sight and out of mind.

When was the last time you entered your crawl space? Had it inspected? If you aren’t able to answer that question then it may be time to call a professional crawl space company to examine your crawl space and identify if it needs crawl space encapsulation or any other crawl space services.

Is crawl space encapsulation right for your home? Let’s check out what factors may justify crawl space encapsulation cost.

What Is A Crawl Space & Why Is It Important?

Underneath your home’s floorboards,  there is likely a world possibly unbeknownst to you. This little area that resides under the base of your entire home is known as the crawl space.

Not much happens in this space other than storing pipes, water lines, and electrical wiring – unless equipped to use as a storage space. As this space serves little day-to-day purposes, it may go overlooked. 

However, left untouched, this space can become compromised by water, moisture, and pest infestations. With these challenges, you may face damage to the foundation of your home, mold growth, and unwanted guests that bring a variety of germs into your home.

Crawl spaces are common in most homes across the Pacific Northwest. Not every home has a crawl space; some may have a slab foundation or a full-size basement that acts as the foundation of a building. Interested in learning more about crawl space vs other alternatives like slab foundations? Read our article here.

Although a crawl space may seem like a burden to care for, your crawl space is made to protect your home. Crawl spaces must be protected, cleaned, and sealed to ensure your home is good for generations. Crawl space encapsulation does just that.

The Crawl Space Encapsulation Process

Crawl space encapsulation can be a challenge to tackle. Luckily, with the help of a trusted professional crawl space company, this process can be completed efficiently and promptly.

The crawl space encapsulation process starts with a good crawl space cleanout. During the cleaning process, crawl space professionals can adequately check your crawl space for damages or concerns and perform any necessary repairs. If rodents are present, proper pest control will be required to proceed with crawl space encapsulation. Homeowners should be aware of the top signs that their crawl space requires a cleanout as it may also be a sign that the current crawl space has outdated protection.

Crawl space encapsulation involves installing a heavy-duty paper barrier covering the entirety of your crawl space. This acts as a sealed moisture barrier preventing pipes from busting and water entering your crawl space. Crawl space vapor barriers will also be installed on foundation walls in your crawl space. This is completed by using beetling tape and drilling in concrete installation pins to anchor the barrier in place. Crawl space encapsulation can include sealing foundation vents, and adding a dehumidifier.

The crawl space encapsulation process ensures a better future for your home.

crawl space encapsulation

The Cost of Crawl Space Encapsulation

There are a couple of factors that need to be observed to estimate the average cost of crawl space encapsulation. Crawl space encapsulation cost can vary depending on factors such as the size of your home and where your house is located.

As you can imagine, the bigger the space, the greater the cost of encapsulation. However, with a bigger space, there is much more room for things to go wrong. The larger the space, the greater the cost when damages occur in an unkept crawl space.

With an encapsulated crawl space, you can also anticipate lower heating and cooling costs. An encapsulated crawl space can help retain heat and air conditioning in your home. Similarly, attic cleanouts can also help you save on utility bills.

Your crawl space protects your home from much more than you might realize. Keeping it in its best shape is crucial for the longevity of your home, and will help you fetch the most value when it is put on the market.

Is Crawl Space Encapsulation A Good Idea, or a Necessity?

Some spaces, depending on the location of your building, can benefit from crawl space encapsulation to the point that it is a necessity. Environments such as those at or below sea level are at a greater risk of water seepage if a crawl space encapsulation is inadequately encapsulated.

Even the best house foundation is no match for a water table knocking on the cement door of your foundation year after year. Climates that see large amounts of rainfall yearly can also fall victim to crawl space nightmares if they are not properly encapsulated. Let it sink in, and decide for yourself whether the headache of foundational flooding is worth it to you.

However, some locations do not have moisture levels like the Pacific Northwest. On the other end of the spectrum, dry climates bring plentiful pests like snakes, spiders, and rodents which may seek shelter in your crawl space. Getting a professional to inspect, clean, and provide solutions for your crawl space saves you worry, time, and money.

The Health Benefits Of A Clean Crawl Space

Crawl spaces can harbor some wild dangers if not looked after properly. When a crawl space is unkept, mold, mildew and the presence of pests can lead to unsafe germs circulating in the air of your home. This is unsafe for you and your family.

If you have a healthy crawl space, you will maintain a healthy home with clean air quality. With a fresh underside, you will ultimately live a better life, free of the worries and dangers that lurk underfoot.

Take Control From the Ground Up

Your home doesn’t have to have a monster lurking underneath. Make your crawl space clean and clear of threats that ultimately save you money in the long run.

Whether you are looking to take care of a current crawl space issue, are looking out for the longevity of your home, or are preparing to sell – contact a professional crawl space company to find the best solution.

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