The cost of crawl space encapsulation is question for some, but a bigger question is if the cost is justifiable. Find out here.

Your crawlspace can go overlooked. It’s a dark and dingy place that you don’t want to get down in. But what needs does this space-down-under require to ensure your home retains its maximum value?

The cost of crawl space encapsulation can vary depending on factors about your home and is a necessary investment that can benefit your homes integrity depending on where you live.

Is crawl space encapsulation right for your home? Let’s check out what factors your home may be subjected to that justify the installation cost of crawlspace encapsulation.

is crawl space encapsulation cost worth it

Your Crawl Space

Underneath your feet, there is likely a world possibly unbeknownst to you. This little area that resides under the base of your entire home is known as the crawl space.

Not much happens in this world. That is unless its safety is compromised. From the outer edges of this space, breaches may happen. Rats, mice, opossums, raccoons, and even your cat may call this space home from time to time.

Should systems fail, water, the enemy of the crawl space, can work its way in. Within no time, this place is a slum of mold harboring, foundation damaging, rodent-infested fanfare.

Not every home has a crawl space. Some offer full-size basements, while others are built directly onto the cement foundation. The crawlspace is no useless hostel though. It is literally the foundation of your house. Electrical conduit, water lines, and other utilities make use of this space conveniently out of sight of your beautiful home.

The crawlspace must be protected, clean, and sealed, to ensure your home is good for generations. Crawl space encapsulation does just that.

All Sealed Up

Encapsulating a crawlspace can be a challenge. Some spaces have been compromised and can unknowingly become the thing of peoples nightmares.

The process starts with a good cleaning. Luckily, that task can be taken care of by the professionals. In this cleaning, it is a good time to check for damage and perform any repairs that may pose a threat to your home, as well as take control of any pest and rodent issue that could be present.

With these factors out of the way, its time to make the inside of your crawl space very separate from the outside. This consists of wrapping pier blocks, covering walls, and sheeting floors in durable and protective plastic. These layers are sealed together and mounted directly to the walls of your foundation.

Nothing gets past the pros. The encapsulating process ensures a better future for the life of your home.

The Cost of Crawl Space Encapsulation

There are a couple of factors that need to be observed to make an estimate on the average cost of crawl space encapsulation. The size of the space is one key factor in this cost.

As you can imagine, the bigger the space, the greater the cost of encapsulation. The flip side to this, however, is the real cost.

With a bigger space, there is much more room of thing to who wrong. More room for rodents to move in, more insulation that can get wet, more support beams to suffer from water damage or dry rot.

With an encapsulated space, you also retain better heating and cooling throughout your home. This means a lower energy bill month to month. For more tips on lowering these bills, check out our insulation options while you are at it.

Your crawl space means much more than you might realize. Keeping it in its best shape is crucial for the longevity of your home, and will help you fetch the most value when it is put on the market.

A Good Idea, or a Necessity?

Some spaces, depending on location, can benefit from encapsulation to the point that it is a necessity. Environments such as those at or below sea level are at great risk of water seepage.

Even the best foundation is no match for a water table knocking on the cement door of your foundation for years and years.

Climates that see large amounts of rainfall yearly also can fall victim to crawl space nightmares if they are not properly encapsulated. The ground soaks up water, and your crawlspace is underground.

Let it sink in, and decide for your self whether the headache of foundational flooding is worth it to you.

However, some locations do not have nearly the moisture levels of places like the North West. But you still aren’t out of hot water yet. Another danger crawlspaces of homes in high and dry climates are snakes, spiders, and rodents.

Seeking shade from the hot sun, the common mouse runs under the house. As follows the Diamondback Rattler. Down under competing for food can reside the Black Widow.

Getting a professional down under your floors saves you time, money, and a potential trip to the hospital. Whether or not you chose to encapsulate your crawl space is ultimately up to you.

crawl space encapsulation

Healthy Crawl Space, Healthy Life

Crawl spaces can harbor some wild dangers if not looked after properly. Another factor less visible to the eye is the circulating air that comes up through your space. Mold in your crawl space can lead to air unsafe for you or your family to breath.

With a fresh underside, you will ultimately live a better life, free of the worries and dangers that lurk underfoot.

Take Control From the Ground Up

Your home doesn’t have to have a monster lurking underneath. Make your under-foot spaces clean and clear of threats that ultimately save you money.

Take action against the worst by considering the true cost of crawl space encapsulation, and follow our blog more great tips on protecting your home, and ensuring your families health, safety, and assets!