Crawl Pros helps get rid of rodents and pests for good utilizing the best product on market for rodent exclusion

Rats and other pests find their way into your home through chimneys, pipes, around air vents, behind furnaces, underneath sinks, etc.  They can even enter through threshold gaps under and around closed doors.  Crawl Pros helps you get rid of rodents and pests for good!

One of the tools Crawl Pros uses when it comes to keeping them out is called Xcluder. Xcluder is a fabric fill made from coarse stainless steel wool. This creates an uncrossable barrier that cannot be gnawed or burrowed through.

The process of using Xcluder to fill any gaps or spaces is a simple one. Measure how much you need, cut it out with scissors, fit it around the hole, and pack it in tight. (Safety warning: Be sure to wear gloves while cutting or handling Xcluder. It has sharp edges)

Get Rid of Rodents and Pests For Good! Rodent Exlusion

The blunt side of a screwdriver will work to push Xcluder into the opening. The material has to be flat to, or slightly below, the surface of where the opening is. If this is done correctly, shortly after installation Xcluder will expand to form a more permanent seal.

Crawl Pros knows Xcluder keeps the rodents and other creatures away!

Why does Crawl Pros use Xcluder?

Xcluder presents many advantages over other fills. It’s less expensive than copper mesh, for example. Ten inches of Xcluder will fill 10 holes, in comparison to copper mesh filling just one. It’s also quicker to install, as this video shows: Comparison between Xcluder and Copper Mesh.

Other fills, such as regular steel wool, or foam, just aren’t as effective. Xcluder has a spring-back factor that makes it stay put, locking Xcluder into the opening. Rodents and other pests cannot remove it or get past it.

Xcluder is environmentally friendly, won’t stain, rust or shrink, and is easy to use. It’s a permanent solution to the problem of rodent infiltration. For those reasons, Crawl Pros thinks that Xcluder is the best product out there in its class. And Crawl Pros only uses the best materials when it comes to serving our customers.

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