Woodinville Crawl Space Water Remediation

Homeowners in Woodinville often don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the crawl spaces located under their homes. Why would they? But, that area just under your living space can fill with water. 

And a flooded crawl space or one with standing water is the last thing you need. Here is what you should know about potential water damage in your crawl space, how you can prevent it, and what Crawl Pros can do for crawl space water remediation in Woodinville and Greater Seattle

What is Crawl Space Water Damage?

When water enters the space under your home, making the soil and other materials damp and wet, there are other potential issues. Mold can grow quickly under these conditions, which can cause health problems for you and your loved ones. Water and mold can also lead to structural problems, which can affect the integrity and even the value of your home. 

How does all of this water enter your crawl space? There are several possibilities: 

  • Flooding from heavy rains or nearby overflowing streams or rivers
  • A leaky or burst pipe
  • A sewage line leak
  • Incorrect home gutter setup
  • Vegetation too close to the home

Preventing Water Damage in Your Woodinville Crawl Space

While you can’t prevent a natural disaster like a flood, there are several ways you can keep your crawl space safe from future water damage.

  • Invest in a sump pump – Install a sump pump to automatically pump any excess water out of your crawl space. 
  • Add a French drain system – Include a French drain system to funnel water into the basin for your sump pump. 
  • Clean gutters routinely – Check your gutters several times per year and make sure they are pointed away from your home. 
  • Plant vegetation away from the home – Move existing plants away from your home and don’t plant new vegetation near anything with underground pipes. 

Crawl Space Water Remediation in Woodinville

Having water in your Woodinville crawl space can be a disaster in the making. Before this happens, Crawl Pros recommends that you take some preventative measures like sump pump installation and adding a French drain system if needed — both of which we can handle on your behalf. 

If you already have water in your crawl space, contact us to learn more about our water remediation services. We use a specialized process to remove the water, prevent a recurrence, and replace damaged items like insulation. Contact us for a free estimate.