Water and water damage in your crawl space is something you’d probably like to avoid. If you own a home in Seattle with a crawl space, moisture, standing water, and mold issues are distinct possibilities. The consequences of ignoring water can be costly, so it’s important that you address the issue immediately — especially in the Seattle area.

Luckily, the experts at Crawl Pros offer local water remediation services at competitive rates. Continue reading to determine if you may have standing water in your crawl space, and discover how Crawl Pros can help.

Sources of Crawl Space Water

The Pacific Northwest is a wet environment, so homeowners need to stay vigilant about keeping moisture where it belongs — outside the home. But, even in your crawl space, too much moisture is going to cause issues like standing water and mold. Some common sources of water in crawl spaces include:

  • Leakage from sewer lines
  • Leakage from kitchen waste lines
  • Gutter downspouts on home not directed correctly
  • Too frequent watering of plants near the home
  • A high groundwater table
  • Sprinkler water that comes through the vents of the crawl space
  • Flooding from a nearby stream or river

Crawl Space Water Damage in Seattle

Damp soil and water in the crawl space of your Seattle home have the potential to cause significant damage. The moisture can release dangerous microbes into the air and your livings, creating serious health issues.

If the area is wet for an extended period of time, there is also the possibility of structural issues. You might get rotted wood and buckled floors, which will require extensive repairs.

Crawl Space Water Remediation Seattle

We don’t recommend that any homeowner attempt to solve a crawl space water intrusion issue on their own. Water extraction and remediation require specialized equipment and expertise to fix the problem and prevent a recurrence. In many cases, it’s a good idea to install a sump pump and french drain system to avoid water pooling and future issues with mold growth.

At Crawl Pros, we specialize in helping Seattle residents deal with crawl space and attic issues, including standing water, mold remediation, rodent exclusion & trapping, and duct sealing & insulation. Don’t allow your home’s value and your health to be compromised by water damage and mold. Contact us today for a free estimate.