Crawl Space Water Remediation

When moisture or even standing water is a problem in your Monroe home’s crawl space, you could have a host of other issues in addition to the wet stuff. Some problems you might encounter include mold growth, pests, rodents, and insect infestation. 

Long-term moisture issues can even lead to structural damage to your home, impacting its value. If you have water in your crawl space, it’s time to consider professional help; call Crawl Pros for Monroe crawl space water remediation services

Why Is There Water in My Home’s Crawl Space?

Moisture can enter your crawl space from a variety of sources. If you have standing water, it’s likely coming from a plumbing leak or a problem with your home’s drainage. Sometimes gutters and downspouts aren’t directed away from the home, or landscaping isn’t sloped correctly. 

You can also have moisture issues stemming from too much condensation and poor ventilation. When your crawl space isn’t vented properly, you may have trouble with moisture. 

Sump Pump Installation for Water Remediation

If you have water damage, Monroe crawl space cleanup services can get rid of the damaged materials and look for the source of the trouble. The best way to address water in a crawl space is to take a preventative approach. 

Installing a sump pump in your home’s crawl space will divert water away from your home, reducing or eliminating water damage due to rising floodwaters or plumbing leaks. Combined with a french drain system, this is a simple set-up that will save you a ton of trouble and expense down the road. 

Crawl Space Water Remediation in Monroe

Ignoring water in your Monroe home’s crawl space is a terrible idea. It’s also something that is hard to fix effectively on your own. At Crawl Pros, our specialty is working in crawl spaces. We clean up any messes and damage in your crawl space, and make sure that you don’t have a similar problem in the future. 

Contact us to learn more about our Monroe crawl space water removal and remediation services or to get a free estimate.