Does your Kirkland home have a crawl space? If you answered “yes,” it’s a good idea to figure out whether or not moisture has entered that space. If you do have water or moisture in your crawl space, it could spell trouble. Here is why that’s a problem and how you can address it with the right crawl space water removal and remediation services

Why is Water in My Kirkland Crawl Space Bad?

If you’ve decided to brave the crawl space in your Seattle-area home, only to discover a wet and damp environment, it could be from any number of causes:

  • Flooding from a nearby river or stream
  • A burst or leaking pipe
  • Gutter downspouts that aren’t directed properly
  • Too frequent watering of foliage near the home
  • Leaky swimming pools
  • A high groundwater table

Thankfully, you can control most of these issues. But why should you care? The fact is that a wet crawl space will be a haven for things like mold, unwanted critters, and structural damage. 

Removing Water from a Crawl Space

It can be challenging to figure out how to remove all of that water from your crawl space on your own. Proper crawl space remediation involves identifying the cause of the problem, fixing any damaged materials, and then taking measures to prevent more trouble in the future. This requires not only experienced professionals, but also specialized equipment to thoroughly handle your issue.


Kirkland Crawl Space Water Removal & Remediation

Getting the water out of your Kirkland crawl space is only half the battle. If you don’t address the issue, you’ll wind up back in the same place in a short time. 

At Crawl Pros, our crawl space water remediation services in Kirkland can help clean up your crawl space and prevent future troubles. We help identify the source of your water intrusion as well as clean up the mess and damage in your home’s crawl space. 

Another part of our service is installing a sump pump and french drain system that can keep water away from your home and maintain a dry environment in your crawl space. We also offer other services, such as insulation installation that can protect your space. 

Contact us today to learn more about our services in the Kirkland area.