Crawl Space Water Remediation Everett

If you have a home in Everett, Washington, there’s a good chance it has a crawl space. That dark, narrow, and earthy space between the ground and your home’s main floor keeps your home off of the ground and many of your house’s vital systems — including ductwork, water pipes, and electrical wires. 

But your crawl space can also collect too much moisture and even standing water, leading to serious issues. Here is why a wet crawl space is a problem, and how Everett crawl space water removal & remediation services from Crawl Pros can help.


How a Wet Crawl Space Can Be a Problem

Too much humidity in a home’s crawl space is never a good situation. Moisture or standing water can damage your home’s wood, insulation, and wiring. It can also lead to mold and mildew, contaminating the air that is entering your home. 

How can you tell if you have a water problem in your crawl space? Here are a few clues:

  • Your home’s carpet or floors feel damp.
  • Your floors sag or feel uneven due to termite damage or wood rot.
  • There is condensation on your windows from water “wicking” up the walls of your foundation.
  • You smell a moldy or musty odor in the home.
  • The air in the home feels increasingly humid.
  • Your utility bills are much higher than they should be.
  • Your doors are sticking, or you notice cracking drywall due to the structure’s softening.
  • Your home is experiencing electrical surges due to moisture on your wires in the crawl space.
  • Your heating system is not working properly as it used to.


Everett Crawl Space Water Removal & Remediation

If you have moisture or water in your Everett home’s crawl space, it should be addressed as soon as you identify it. Ignoring it can cost you much more in potential health risks and costly repairs down the road. 

Everett crawl space water removal and remediation services will address the source of your trouble first. You might have a leaking pipe or an access point that needs to be covered, for example.

You can prevent serious trouble in your crawl space by installing the combination of a sump pump and french drainage system. These will divert water away from your home through a simple basin. 

For Everett crawl space water removal & remediation services, contact Crawl Pros today to get a free estimate.