If you have moisture and pooling water in your Bellevue home’s crawl space, this is something you need to address. When there is trouble with a wet crawl space, you might need water removal and remediation services from Crawl Pros.

Why Water in Your Crawl Space is Bad

Many homeowners believe it’s normal to have a wet crawl space because the area is located under the house. After all, the ground gets wet when it rains — a concept we’re all familiar with here in Bellevue and Greater Seattle. But, it’s better for your home and its occupants if your crawl space stays dry.

Water in your crawl space generally appears in one of three ways: condensation, water seepage from the surrounding soil, or a plumbing leak. When you have water under your home it can lead to several major problems:

  • Mold – Mold thrives on moisture. It loves to eat organic materials like wood as well as insects, which can be plentiful in a crawl space. Further, mold can release spores into your home and create serious health issues for your family.
  • High Energy Bills – A home with a damp crawl space can be harder to keep cool or heat, sending your energy bills through the roof.
  • Pests & Dust Mites – Pests like rodents and termites love damp spaces. And dust mites will come out in droves and end up in your furniture, carpet, and bedding.

Crawl Space Water Remediation in Bellevue

If you have water in your crawl space, the first step is to determine its source and fix the problem. A sump pump will be your first line of defense to keep water out of your crawl space. This should generally be coupled with a French drain system, which directs excess water to the pump for removal.

If water in your crawl space has created a mold issue, you’ll want to address this as well. Your technician can also tell you if there are any issues with your crawl space insulation that you should address.

As the homeowner, you can keep water away from your crawl space by regularly cleaning your roof gutters so that rain is directed away from the home. Also, watch vegetation around the home for invasive roots that might block or burst your underground pipes.

Safe and Effective Water Removal & Remediation for Your Crawl Space

Whether you already have water in your Bellevue home’s crawl space, want to prevent it, or both, Crawl Pros can help. Our team of crawl space water remediation experts will assess your situation, give you recommendations, and perform high-quality work that is guaranteed.

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