Crawl Space Repair

No matter how well you take care of your home, sooner or later you may need professional crawl space repair assistance.

Crawl spaces are extremely productive for a number of reasons. They can provide protection to your home while they also assist in certain services, like electrical wiring, ductwork installation and crawl space encapsulation.

Unfortunately, despite their usefulness, they are not treated with the same attention and repair that is received by other parts of the home. As a consequence, unattended crawl spaces can be affected by a host of problems.

It is also critical to call on professionals when your crawl space need attention!  Crawl Pros has solved crawl space issues and saved crawl space repair costs for customers in the Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and now Spokane areas since 2013.

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Top Issues that Call for Crawl Space Repair

It is important to understand how your crawl space can be damaged so you can take the necessary precautions and save your home from a major issue.

Here are just a few issues to be aware of to help keep your crawl space clean, safe and dry.


If you find any moisture in your crawl space, then it is never a good sign. A watery crawl space can generate a variety of problems. These water elements can go on to damage the floorings and other protective parts of your home. Sometimes the vents of crawl spaces are a passageway for water elements. Once water accumulates there, crawl spaces can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew.


Do you suddenly find your home infested with bugs? Did a rodent just abruptly emerge from a hole and frighten your kids in their rooms? One major problem with watery crawl spaces is their support for pests and bugs. These dirty invaders use the weak spots, and they stealthily make their way into your home’s foundations.

Often, they will even choose your home for further reproduction. Similarly, they can instantly spoil the atmosphere of a home, which can create major health problems. Thus, you may be required to spend a hefty amount of money for pest control and fumigation. In such scenarios, you can only regret not calling for crawl space repair at the right time.

Poor Drainage

Sometimes, according to examinations, a crawl space problem can stem from the structural foundations of a home. This means that the soil underneath your home may be undergoing issues, like a drainage issue. With a poor drainage system, water causes the soil to move around, which in turn can create pressure on the crawl space. As a consequence, cracks begin to appear in the crawl space.

Similarly, if you suddenly find low water pressure, high water bills, or any other sign of a water pipe problem, then it is possible that a leak may have also damaged your crawl space.


As someone living in the Northwest, you might enjoy the diverse range of weather seasons. However, you may not know that at times your crawl space can be at a risk due to a weather calamity. For instance, if the winds are blowing hard, it can push foreign objects like dirt into the openings of your crawl space. Similarly, water-related storms like floods and rains can make water flow into your crawl space.  Living in the Northwest we find weather (mainly rain and moisture) as one of our top crawl space repair problems.

Air Quality Problems

A wet and humid crawl space can cause musty odors in your home.  The air you breathe in your home comes from the crawl space area.  This in not only a nuisance, but it can turn into mold which can be a health hazard to your family.

Crawl Space Repair is A Breeze for Crawl Pros

If you choose to repair your crawl space, then you can kill several birds with a single stone. A repaired crawl space can remove the water, dirt, pests, and other foreign agents from your crawl space. As a result, your home gets the protection it needs while your home’s air quality is also improved.

Crawl Pros has completed crawl space repair jobs across the Northwest since 2013.  Some of our most recent crawl space repair jobs included:

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