No one likes to pay outrageously high energy bills or worry about the health of their loved ones. Keeping your Seattle home’s crawl space well insulated is vital when it comes to the energy efficiency and air quality of your home.

The Pacific Northwest is a moist and harsh environment, and some crawl spaces aren’t equipped enough to handle it. In some instances, we find crawl spaces with little to no insulation, and, in others, the insulation is so damaged that it is ineffective and posing a potential health concern.

Crawl spaces aren’t easy to access, hence the name, so insulation is often overlooked when people want to improve energy efficiency and air quality. Crawl Pros offers proven solutions for crawl space insulation installation in Seattle that will make a difference in your home.

Crawl Space Insulation in Seattle – Removal of Old Materials

The first step to installing crawl space insulation is to get rid of any debris and old materials; this includes anything left in the crawl space while your home was being built, such as 2x4s or other common building materials. Your service provider will take steps to protect the interior of your home from contamination before hauling away old insulation, debris, and pest materials. Once this is done, it’s time to seal any entry points into your home to avoid air quality issues.

Installation of New Crawl Space Insulation

Depending on the thickness of your flooring system, we will choose the correct R-value insulation that will fill the entire floor cavity. Our team only uses the safest and most sustainable insulation on the market, which is bonded by natural fibers as opposed to formaldehyde.

Addressing Crawl Space Moisture Issues

Even if you’ve never had flooding in the past, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. Some crawl spaces already have standing water or mold issues; these, of course, need special attention. In addition to choosing the right vapor barrier for the job, we might also recommend the installation of a sump pump and french drains in your crawl space to avoid standing water in the future.

If you’d like to investigate crawl space insulation installation in Seattle, Crawl Pros can help. Our professional technicians will clean and insulate your home’s crawl space, leaving you with a healthier environment and saving you money on energy bills. Contact us today for a free estimate.