If your Kirkland home has a crawl space, it would be a mistake to ignore the insulation needs of that area of your home. Insulation is a vital part of your home’s systems. In fact, adequate insulation in your roof, ceiling, walls, and floor are what makes your home energy-efficient. It’s no different for your crawl space. 

But it can be difficult to tell if your crawl space is adequately insulated. And, often, the insulation that is present becomes damaged from moisture or critter infestation and requires replacement. For questions regarding crawl space insulation or insulation installation services in Kirkland, call the experts at Crawl Pros.

How Does Crawl Space Insulation Get Damaged?

Moisture can be terrible for crawl space insulation — especially bad news for residents of Kirkland and the rest of the rainy Seattle area. Too much moisture in your crawl space can make insulation saggy, moldy, ineffective, and even dangerous. Water can get into your crawl space from leaky plumbing, poor draining systems, or other undiagnosed causes. 

Critters like rodents, squirrels, and even insects, can make nests in your insulation. This not only causes a mess but also destroys the material. 

The Problem With Bad Crawl Space Insulation

When moisture or critters wreak havoc on the insulation in your crawl space, it can cause several problems for you as the homeowner. Firstly, your insulation is doing its job as effectively, so your home isn’t as energy-efficient as it could or should be. This, in turn, can run up your energy bills each month.

The second issue that arises from mold or pests in your crawl space’s insulation is even more important: because the air from your crawl space enters the home, having mold or pests can be dangerous to your home’s occupants. If you or your loved ones are having headaches or respiratory issues, it’s time to have your crawl space inspected and any problems addressed. 

Finally, if you ignore these issues long enough, you may end up with some structural damage. It will be more costly to repair and could also impact your property’s value. 


Crawl Space Insulation Installation in Kirkland

If you want to do something about the insulation in your Kirkland home’s crawl space, Crawl Pros can help. We offer experienced and professional insulation removal and installation services for crawl spaces throughout the area. 

Our services begin with a full clean-out of your crawl space area. We also seal any air penetration points in your crawl space before installing the proper R-value insulation that is held firmly in place. We can also recommend a vapor barrier and water mediation system to keep your space dry. 

Contact us today for a free estimate and to learn more about our services.