Here’s a serious question to consider: Do you know what’s lurking under your home’s floorboards? Most homeowners do not, and it takes putting their home on the market to realize they have a significant problem in their crawl space. Here’s what you need to know and how can begin addressing it with a crawl space inspection.

Why Do I Need to Inspect My Crawl Space?

Conducting a thorough crawl space inspection every year is a necessity that many homeowners neglect. It’s just not anything you think about really; you don’t typically go down to the crawl space. While you know it’s there; it’s just not a regular chore that makes it on the list each year.

Unfortunately, that’s a mistake.

There’s so much that can go wrong in your crawl space. But because the area is hidden, a lot of damage can occur before you even realize it. The area is the space between the joists and floorboards of your home and the floor of your first story. Moisture can rise from the ground there, and pools of water can even form during the long cool, wet winters in Marysville, Washington. But that’s only the beginning of your problems.

Wet conditions can lead to mold and mildew. It can rust pipes, and rot floorboards. Mold and rot can damage the very structure of your home, including any wiring. It’s also a great area for field mice and other critters to spend the long winters. None of this is good news for homeowners. But Crawl Pros can help.

Crawl Space Inspection Marysville, WA

Crawl Pros offers a free crawl space inspection. We recommend a thorough review of the crawl space, looking closely for signs of termites, rodent damage, standing water, or even slight seepages that can cause massive problems later on.

We’ll sit down with you to share what’s happening under your feet, and then make recommendations for how to clean up any problems while lessening the cost of your heating and cooling bills and improving your indoor air quality. Don’t wait another season—call us today to get started.