Crawl Space Cleanout Monroe

If your Monroe home has a crawl space, you need to check on it and give it some attention. Crawl spaces get a bad rap as damp, dirty, and cramped spaces that harbor insects, pests, and even mold — but that’s not always the case for a well-maintained, healthy crawl space. If there is trouble in your home’s crawl space, addressing the problem immediately can protect the integrity and value of your home. Call Crawl Pros for crawl space cleanout services today!

Why Do I Need Crawl Space Cleanout?

Most homeowners would benefit from a crawl space cleanout service. This simple service can give your home better protection from damaging moisture and critters, increased home ventilation, and lower energy bills. Like most homes in the PNW, homes in Monroe, Washington, sit on wet ground, so having too much moisture in your crawl space is a common problem.

If you don’t know what’s been happening in your home’s crawl space, it’s probably time to find out. An inspection and cleanout can shed some light on water and air intrusion issues as well as damage from pest and rodent infestation. 

Let’s assume you have too much moisture or even standing water in your crawl space. This can lead to mold issues, which can damage wood, compromise your structure, and even make people in your home sick with respiratory and other health problems. 

When there are unwanted pests in your crawl space, this can also create problems with the air your breath. Equally troubling is the damage they can do through borrowing and building nests in your home’s insulation and building materials, damaging your insulation and reducing your energy savings. 


Crawl Space Cleanout Services in Monroe

At Crawl Pros, our crawl space cleanout process is incredibly thorough. We start by mitigating any rodent and moisture issues. We remove all contaminated materials, including insulation and ductwork. 

The next step is to use a fogger to treat the space with a solution targeting odor-causing bacteria. Then, we install a new vapor barrier and replace any damaged installation to complete your cleanout. 

Other services may be suggested depending on the nature and extent of the issues found in your space.  Crawl Pros offers free estimates for clients in the Monroe area. Contact us today to get started.