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If your Everett home has a crawl space, what do you really know about it? Many homeowners don’t take much notice of that area between their living space and the ground, but they should. Here is what might be lurking in your crawl space, why that’s a problem, and how a crawl space cleanout service from Crawl Pros can help. 

What is in Your Home’s Crawl Space?

Most homeowners have a layer of dirt as the foundation for their crawl space. Ideally, there should be a vapor barrier on top of this dirt. If your home is older, however, this vapor barrier may have never been installed or might have deteriorated with time. And since the median home age in Everett is almost 40 years, it might be time for a professional to assess the health of your Everett crawl space.

Your crawl space is also home to many vital systems like plumbing, electrical wires, and ductwork. If not inspected frequently and protected, you could run into issues with things like leaking pipes and critters that make their home in your space. 

One of the most important parts of your crawl space is its insulation. As much as 40% of the air in your home comes from your crawl space, so the area should be well-insulated. Unfortunately, insects and critters love to destroy insulation as they use the material to make nests. Insulation is also vulnerable to moisture damage. 

Problems that Can Develop in a Crawl Space

Anything that happens in your crawl space can impact your home and its occupants. Mold and mildew can pollute the air that is coming into your home and make you and your loved ones ill. 

Moisture under your home increases the risk of wood rot and pest activity. Finally, a lack of insulation and too many penetration points can increase your energy bills

Crawl Space Cleanout Services in Everett

If you take a look in your home’s crawl space and find something troubling, or want someone else to take a peak, the professionals at Crawl Pros can help. 

Our crawl space cleanout service focuses on removing debris and contaminants from your home’s crawl space. Then, we identify and seal any air penetration points, fog the area to prevent further infestation, and repair or replace insulation, ductwork, and your vapor seal. 

Contact us today to learn more about our services in the Everett area.