Moisture and water intrusion can become a problem within crawl spaces. In some situations, given the right conditions, crawlspaces become mold reservoirs, leading to dangerous mold exposure throughout the home. To best address water and crawl space mold damage situations in your home, contact Crawl Pros, a crawl space cleaning and water remediation company in Seattle. Crawl Pros can install a sump pump in your crawl space to remove standing water and redirect it away from the home.

A few warning signs of water and damage in the crawl spaces include:

  • Poor air quality issues within the living spaces
  • A foul odor is present throughout the home
  • Family members noticing increased allergies
  • Family members suffer from chronic headaches
  • Recurring pipe breaks
  • Warped flooring
  • A home inspector identifying crawl space mold and waterMany crawl spaces are built with foundation vents. These vents are designed to help keep moisture problems regulated throughout the home.

For mold to grow, there needs to be moisture in the crawlspace. During the rainy months in Seattle, a vented crawlspace can become damp with moisture. This moisture encourages mold growth on wood, HVAC ducts and other organic material in the crawl space. If you have noticed this to be true in your crawl space, you will need a crawl space cleaning in Seattle to assist.

To help control moisture and mold, recently there has been a rise in closed crawlspace systems in Seattle. These systems work by enclosing the crawlspace with a moisture barrier and installing liners up walls and piers. This results in sealing vents from the outside air.

For more information on crawl space cleaning, get in touch Crawl Pros, your crawl space cleaning and water intrusion company in Seattle.