Crawl Space Repair and Water Damage Prevention For Marysville, WA

Foul odors, poor air quality, and warped flooring are just a few of the symptoms you’ll notice in your house when you need crawl space repair. Crawl Spaces are naturally more prone to moisture damage than any other part of the home. With exposed dirt floors, the rainy months can lead to water intrusion and serious damage to your crawl space. If you’re like most homeowners in Marysville, you probably don’t visit your crawl space too often. But, because most of the problems in our living spaces are often caused by damaged crawl spaces, we need to give them more attention. Crawl space water mediation and water remediation is a perfect preventive measure to help prevent any crawl space repairs.

Poor construction, carpenter ants, moisture damage and foundation issues are among the reasons your crawl space can encounter damage. With heavy rain in our area, moisture damage specifically can be caused by the following:

  • The landscape around your home is sloping towards the house, drawing water to gather near foundation walls.
  • the downspouts and gutters are damaged or directing water towards the home.
  • A broken water line inside the home is leaking and water is collecting in the crawl space

If a crawl space goes untreated, there are some primary concerns for homeowners to be mindful of: structural issues, poor air quality, and water damage. If you happen to have purchased a home with a crawl space, a few items to consider are:

  • Sagging and uneven floors, and cracks in walls
  • Foul odors, mold, and increased utility bills.
  • Wood Framing that’s deteriorating, moisture in insulation, insect infestation.
  • Heating system is no longer working because the ductwork has been saturated with water

If you notice standing water, moisture, mold or damage in your crawl space, Crawl Pros is your crawls space repair expert in Marysville.