If you have a crawl space in your home, it’s always a good idea to keep it in check. Here are a few a reasons why you should get your crawl space cleaned in Everett by the experts at Crawl Pros.

1. Helps Prevent Mold Growth

Especially in Everett, it is extremely simple for mold to start spreading throughout your crawl space due to moisture from the consistent rain, or leaking pipes that run through the property. The mold will heavily damage the wood, ducts, and other elements in the area, which can weaken the structures keeping the home stable and allow for a cave in. Mold can also cause the air quality in the house to be poor and heighten allergies.

2. It Discourages Pests

A crawl space that’s covered in mud and debris looks like a perfect place to hide for many animals, especially rodents and insects. This can cause a variety of issues, such as destruction of insulation and lowered energy efficiency in the process, infestation of your home, and more weakened structures from the pest damaging it. They can also cause damage to the vapor barrier to keep moisture out, that could easily lead to more mold, and their waste carries diseases that can rise with hot air and into your home.

3. It Addresses Water Damage

You may have standing water in your crawl space causing a number of issues to the property. This will cause pipes to rust and make them more likely to break. This can create sagging in the wood structure, and can cause it to lose its shape.

Crawl Pros are the experts your family needs. For more information on crawl space cleaning, feel free to get in touch with Crawl Pros, your crawl space cleaning company in Everett.