Crawl Pros is proud to be a contributor to the Annie Wright Upper School for Boys Tiny House Project.

Annie Wright launched a 6-month project in January 2018 to build a tiny house for a community in Seattle. This project, part of their Architecture & Design course, introduces them to the design-build process as planning and construction begin for the new Upper School for Boys building on campus. More importantly, this project helps them engage in the community and turn their learning into meaningful action.

The boys began by studying the factors that lead to homelessness and elements of the homeless experience. After exploring priorities for shelter, they visited Nickelsville Georgetown Tiny House Village in Seattle to learn about the community and gain some understanding of needs and best practices before they began the design-build process.

Nickelsville Georgetown

Nickelsville Georgetown Tiny House Village

Incorporating this research, as well as a study of built tiny homes and several exercises in empathy and the relationship between emotions and architecture.  The Annie Wright boys developed a design including dimensions, elevations, layout, interior elements, storage and more. In February the boys traveled to the Seattle office of Mithun architects to get feedback on their renderings. Incorporating suggestions from the professionals, the boys revised their original plans.

Along with five hours per week of class time, the boys had five additional six-hour build days. A typical build day involved goal-setting and then dividing into groups to work on particular elements, for example walls, windows, roofing and siding. Romano, Kolbo and Stromvall taught the necessary skills on site, and along the way the students learned how to use a range of tools from measuring tapes to nail guns to blow torches.


Annie Wright School for Boys Tiny House – Nearing Completion!

Crawl Pros provided insulation and other materials to help build the tiny home.  We are proud of the students at Annie Wright and applaud their efforts to learn life long skills targeted toward improving our community.

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