Conserve heat in your home with greater Seattle’s attic insulation experts

When it comes to keeping your home as warm as possible, there is no better way to conserve heat than ensuring your home’s attic insulation is adequate.

Studies have shown that attic insulation is the single most cost effective step a homeowner can take toward saving energy and lowering their utility bills.

Since heat rises, an uninsulated attic is simply inviting heat to escape your home, while placing a thick layer of insulation in an attic can transform a home into a cozy haven.

How Attic Insulation Works

Insulating an attic can improve your home’s environment in a number of ways. Take an example of your microwave oven. A microwave oven is insulated so it can remain warm. Likewise, a refrigerator is insulated so it remains cool for storing food.

Similarly, attic insulation functions by maintaining your home’s temperature. In summers, it can assist in the flow of cool air in your home, while in winters it improves the flow hot air in your home. Depending upon your home’s requirement, the materials for attic insulation can vary. For instance, in order to trap the heat, materials like fiberglass can be used in winters so your home can remain warm.

Similarly, for hotter regions, foil insulation can be applied for attic insulation. This type of insulation prevents the heat radiating from the sun to pass through attic’s roof.

Removal & Sealing

For homeowners with old, ineffective insulation sitting in their attics, our first recommendation is to remove that insulation safely and cleanly. Large debris and fiberglass batt insulation is bagged by hand, while the remaining loose debris and insulation is vacuumed to the outside of your home. After removal of the old insulation, we can seal air penetration points between the conditioned and unconditioned spaces.

Studies have shown that insulating an attic is the single most effective step a homeowner can take toward saving energy.


After removing old insulation we then install a generous layer of new insulation to all parts of the attic. While several kinds of insulation are available for your attic, our company uses the most sustainable 100% borate treated Cellulose. By installing tape measure sticks throughout the attic we ensure that your insulation is blown to the proper height to reach the correct R-value.

Attic Insulation and its Impact on You and Your Home

Lower Utility Bills

While attic insulation can be beneficial for a variety of reasons, you may find easing the burden on your wallet a good enough reason for insulating your attic. After attic insulation in the Northwest, homeowners noticed that their energy bills dropped by 20-30 percent, while in some cases, up to 50 percent savings were also seen.

With attic insulation, you can maintain a certain degree of cool air during summers. As a result, your air conditioner’s workload decreases, which in turn consumes a lesser amount of energy.

Improved Air Flow

Do you have to regularly call HVAC services for your HVAC systems? Are you unsatisfied with the standard of cooling and heating in your home?

Poorly insulated homes are one of the reasons behind the subpar quality of heating and cooling.

As your air conditioner or the furnace has to toil harder for the provision of cool and hot air, the HVAC’s component slowly and gradually deteriorate with the passage of time. As a consequence, your HVAC’s life span decreases while its maintenance costs escalate.

Attic insulation provides the cool air in summers to rise and distribute easily and nullifies the hot air by trapping it.

Crawl Pros Attic Insulation Installer

Crawl Pros Attic Insulation Installer

Crawl Pros are the Northwest’s Attic Insulation Experts

Once our crew members has accessed your attic, almost all work can be completed with hoses from our truck to your attic space, resulting in very little foot traffic in and out of your home. Because it usually is necessary to enter your house, we take every precaution to leave your living space undisturbed, using cardboard and plastic sheeting to ensure we do not track attic insulation or outside dirt onto carpets and floors.

The biggest impact of our attic insulation service will be felt long after our crew has departed, when you sit down to pay your monthly energy bill.  You will find the investment will pay for itself sooner than later, especially if you qualify for a utility rebate. Contact us today to see if you qualify.

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