Unless you have a live-in attic, it’s unlikely that you spend a lot of time up there. It’s a space that’s probably dusty and uncomfortable in the summer heat and chilly in the winter. So most homeowners neglect their attics—until there’s a problem.

What Can Go Wrong in Your Marysville, WA Attic Space?

Animal Infestation

Having an annual attic inspection probably never crosses your mind. But Angie’s List says rodents chewing on house wires cause about 15,000 residential fires every year. Squirrels, rats, raccoons, bats, or other varmints think your attic makes a cozy nest. It only takes a tiny hole for these creatures to squeeze in. Don’t think you have a hole? Don’t worry, squirrels, mice, and rats can make their own.

Toxic Mold

Wild animals are the worst-case scenario, but toxic mold isn’t a great situation, either. When attic insulation isn’t installed correctly, it can cause venting problems that lead to moisture build-up and mold. Without proper airflow from your soffits through your baffles and out the roof vents, big problems can build up on the undersides of your rafters.

Unsealed Duct Work

Are your ducts insulated? If they aren’t, you’re losing tons of heat and air conditioning to the outside. Leaks can cause condensation, and that also causes mold. If your ducts weren’t installed properly, minute gaps in the piping could cause circulated air to escape. Vent tape works for a while, but it gets old and falls off.

How to Make Sure That Your Attic is Good Shape

CrawlPros recommends our free attic inspection to determine if your attic is clean, pest-free and properly functioning. Our team can carefully inspect every inch of the space and then speak with you about your options for repairing any damage that has occurred.

Talk to our team today for peace of mind about the hidden spaces of your home. Protect your investment, clean your indoor air, and save money on heating and cooling. We help homeowners just like you every day. Call on us.