Attics can be a catchall space for families or an unseen barrier between your ceiling and roof. Cleaning the attic is not something we think of when Spring rolls around or you do a fall clean-up. You might not think of that space at all until you hear the telltale knocking of a raccoon or some other uninvited creature in the rafters. Otherwise, it’s out of sight, out of mind.

But what you don’t know can hurt you, your family, and the investment you’ve worked so hard on. Here’s why our Attic Clean Out Marysville service is so important to the homeowners we serve.

Attic Clean Out 101

Since many attics are utilitarian and not live-in spaces, it makes an ideal home for rodents or other larger animals to roost. In Washington State, attics are often a winter hideout for field mice, bats, and raccoons. These varmints can chew on wiring, causing dangerous shorts in the electricity that powers your home. They can also leave urine and feces all over the insulation, between the rafters, and basically, anywhere that humans don’t frequent.

But there is also dust and dirt that can accumulate; because of the circular nature of air transfer, a dirty attic affects your indoor air quality. An aging home can also develop cracks, holes, or gaps leading to the outside. This is like an open door for wild creatures, but it also wastes a lot of energy, running up your monthly bills. When the attic opens to the elements, dampness, wood rot, and mold can form.

If it’s been more than six months since you’ve inspected your attic, it’s time to let us take a peek.

Marysville Attic Clean Out

Crawl Space provides free attic inspections to homeowners. If we find a mess, we can take care of it for you. A healthier, safer, cleaner home with lowered electric bills is the result. Call us today to clean up your home and even make it more efficient.